Valentine’s Update: @RebeccasOffice Only Wants Dark Chocolate With Cream

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but for the last 15 years there is only one thing I’ve been given for Valentine’s Day.  Yep, you guessed it!  A box of chocolates.  Dark chocolate is preferred.  Yes, I will accept the rose, but they have thorns and like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.  I’m a pretty low stress girl when it comes to this Hallmark holiday, but a girls does like a day where she can get what she wants.  I hope you don’t mind the slightly dark and low light photos, but I do like it romantic.  Valentine’s is a very intimate time and I do get my favorite position where I squirt.
Okay, I am slightly high maintenance about my sex on Valentine’s Day.  If you look back over time, there is a certain position my lovers have cum inside me on Valentine’s Day.  For me it makes me cum and squirt automatically.  And then there is that one special piece of chocolate I love, love, love.  CLICK HERE TO SEE MY VALENTINE SEX POSITION AND MY SPECIAL TREAT!
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Member Erotica – Life of a Black Cock Slut: Chapter 32

Chapter 32. Rebecca Is The Main Entertainment At The Super Bowl Party.

January was a whirlwind.  Rebecca and Trevor moved comfortably into the townhouse and Trevor had been on his best behavior.  He sacrificed his short-term fun for the long-term benefit of owning his new sexual slave.  He continued to make love to her on a nightly basis and made sure that she fell in love with her new life over her old life.  He consoled her when she had to meet Al to finalize the divorce and finish her move into the new house.  Trevor used the month to change Rebecca.  He still did not tell her what was behind the door in the area by the wet bar.  He threw out her matronly clothes and replaced them with updated sexier apparel.  Shorter skirts, plunging necklines, higher heels, see-through tops, and sexy lingerie now littered her wardrobe and the men at work were noticing.  Rebecca had never felt more loved and beautiful.  Men whistled at her on the street and it made her smile. Other men at work were telling her that she looked happier and really good.   She continued to put on lunchtime shows in the office for security cameras at work as they made her feel attractive.  Every day when she came home, Trevor had dinner prepared and gave her a big hug and a kiss.  She was adjusting well to her new life living with Trevor and loved the security of having Trevor’s warm body holding her every evening.  The wild gangbangs and making love to strangers and his new friends had stopped.  It was just the two of them and she was truly falling in love with him.  She was falling under his charming spell.  She had to.  While her family had abandoned her, Trevor had picked her off the floor and showed her the love she had been missing.

It was the day of the Super Bowl.  Rebecca was looking forward to watching it with Trevor and discussing plans for a possible trip for Valentine’s Day.  She was busy in the kitchen putting together snacks for the game and put the some beers in the cooler.  There were a couple hours or so to go before the game started when Trevor asked her to follow him to the bedroom as he had a surprise for her. When they got to the bedroom he told her to take a shower as he had a surprise for her.  While she showered she pulled a wrapped box out from under the bed and put it on the bed. When Rebecca came out of the bathroom naked, he said, “I always wanted the fantasy of my woman wearing a maid’s outfit and serving me food while watching the Super Bowl.”  Rebecca opened the box and smiled.  She loved that he fantasized about her. She opened the box and found a sexy maids outfit which was a see-through black mesh short dress, a pair of white holdup stockings, a black g-string, a collar with the word “Slut” in diamonds and a pair of black shoes.  She smiled and said, “You’re naughty, but I love you and of course I will be your sexy Super Bowl servant.”  She disappeared into the bathroom and put on her makeup and costume.

When she went downstairs, she found him putting out all the snacks and getting ready for the game.  He smiled and told her to come over.  She obliged and when she got close he pulled out a collar and put it around her neck.  She looked at the thick chain it was attached to and saw that it was connected to a pillar in their home.  She thought to herself that it was unusual, but realized that it enhanced his control of her as a servant.  The chain allowed her to only reach the front door and to the service counter of the kitchen and the wet bar.    He kissed her and told her that today he was going to join the “touchdown club”.  When she asked what that was, he told her it was a version of the Mile High club.  In this club you had to have sex while watching the Super Bowl.  It had always been his fantasy.  She replied, “I love you.  Today we will both join that club.”  He smiled because she was right. He then had her sit back on the chaise lounge and watch the preview shows while he got the BBQ ready.  He told her to take a nap too as he wanted her to be rested.  Rebecca fell asleep on the lounger.

After a few hours she heard the door bell ring.  She looked at Trevor as he went to answer the door.   He looked at her and said, “I forgot to tell you that my high school football buddies would be coming around to watch the game and you will be our slave service hostess.” Rebecca replied, “What about the Touchdown Club?”  He smiled at her and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll still join the club if you are a good girl.”  He winked at her as he went to answer the door.  She quickly realized what was about to happen.   downstairs just in time for Rebecca to answer the door and told them “My Name is Rebecca and I am you Slut for tonight to be used anyway you want”.

Trevor went to the door and let his buddies in.  She had heard about them.  His buddies names were Eddie, Richard, Damian, John and Will entered the house.  She could hear them laughing and one said, “Damn Trevor, this place is a nice upgrade.  Wow! How can you afford it?”  She could hear him reply and chuckle, “Well I found myself this hot Sugar Momma who you guys are all going to meet today.  She is going to be our slave hostess.”   Rebecca heard the door close and their footsteps approach the theater room.  As soon as they entered, Rebecca stood up.  The men stood there with their mouths agape as Trevor walked over behind her, pulled open her shirt to expose her breasts and sad, “Gentlemen, this is my girl Rebecca.  She is OUR slut and slave for tonight.  Please feel free to have your way with her tonight. “ He came over and handed them each a little riding crop.  He continued, “She has only been living with me for a month so she is not perfectly trained yet, so feel free to be a little demanding.” He then whacked her suddenly on the ass that Rebecca jumped and almost fell down, “What are you waiting for bitch?  Can’t you see our guests are thirsty?  Get them each a beverage.  NOW!”  As Rebecca scurried to the kitchen the men took seats around the TV laughing about the prospect of their sexy slave.

“Wow Trevor you were not kidding when you said she was hot and sexy slut,” said Will.   Rebecca came back with a tray full of beer and passed it round to each of them. Each of them made sure to rub up against her slightly and touch her leg as she walked by.  One of them gave her a little smack with the riding crop.   As she served the last beer, Trevor called her. “Hey Slut, come here.” and Rebecca said “Yes Master?” and he said “Slut, get us some snacks” and when she got up he pulled her over and unzipped the little zipper on her panties and pulled her pussy lips out and sucked on them.  Rebecca gasped and moaned as she grasped his head and closed her eyes at first from the sudden action and then from his expert tongue.  Then he pushed her away, slapping  her on the ass and said, “Hurry Up, we’re hungry and we might have to eat you first.”  The guys all laughed.

When she came back and placed everything on the table, her Black Master told Rebecca “Slut, come sit down with me,” and Rebecca sat on her Master’s lap and watched the game with them all. During the first half he nibbled on her ear and gently reached under her skirt, pulling her thing to the side and finger-fucked her.  Her tits fell out of her tied blouse but she didn’t notice.  Her legs spread gently as Trevor’s friends stopped watching the game and watched this woman slowly get lost in her own ecstasy.  She was reaching down and pulling at Trevor’s cock and making it harder.  She forgot about the four other men watching her with huge boners. She came a couple of times and didn’t even notice the halftime score of 22-12.

When the half time show came on Trevor told her, “Let’s  stand up and show my buddies your vagina” and Rebecca stood up in front of them all.  Trevor stood behind her and lifted her maid skirt exposing her to the four men who had huge dripping boners in their hands.  Rebecca shook nervously as he kissed her neck and whispered, “Oh I love you.  I love watching you perform. I want you to make them happy.”  He lifted her dress higher as Rebecca turned her head in humiliation.  Their cocks were huge and deep in her pussy, she wanted to feel them.  Trevor continued to kiss her neck as she stood in front of them, legs trembling with her  legs spread apart, his arm around her neck and another hand holding her hands  behind her back,  with her g-string pulled to one side to show them her vagina. His buddies got closer and started to touch her wet sensitive vagina. Rebecca began to shake harder and let out a small whimper.  Trevor grabbed her tighter and whispered, “Shhhh, my buddies and I share everything.  I want my friends to like you.  You will satisfy them today.  You will do whatever they want.  They are like my brothers.  If anything happens to me, they will take care of you.” Her eyes closed, she could feel them touching her nipples and sucking them.    Her vagina was getting wet and her legs lost all control.  She could hear Justin Timberlake’s halftime show in the background, but she missed it all. Then Trevor told his friends that they would get their turn after the game, but she would be his first.  So he sat back down and eased her pussy down onto his cock as she sat on his lap.   She continued to gyrate on his cock.  His friends tried to watch the second half but couldn’t help but watch her lose her mind.  During the second half the guys would chug some beers and made Rebecca chug a beer .  She would cough some up and spill down her chin and onto her breasts.  Normally she wouldn’t care, but she slowly started to lose control.  The final straw was when they brought out the beer bong and put one end over her mouth while pouring a pitcher down the funnel.  It went down smooth.  Rebecca knew she would need it.  These guys wanted her and she knew her instinct would be to fight back.  The beer brought down all defenses.     She burped and they all laughed.

When the game finished Trevor then told Rebecca to get up and strip for his buddies.  She was so drunk she could barely stand and stumbled over in front of the TV with the collar still around her neck.  The guys laughed.  As an older white woman she was already awkward and the guys giggled, but they encouraged her to shake it and she did.  She began to slowly strip her maid skirt and then her blouse and apron.  She stood in front of them all in just her stockings, g-string, stripper heels and the collar around her neck.

She closed her eyes feeling the music and grating her hips while rubbing her breasts as they all got undressed. When she opened her eyes, she saw all the hard cocks in front of her and knew that she was going to fuck them all before they left. Then Will got up and went up to Rebecca and moved his fingers to her vagina and slipped a finger in to feel how wet she was and he began to push his finger farther into her vagina and Rebecca began to moan and he told her “Does this dirty slut want my big black cock inside her” and all Rebecca could do was say “Yes, please”. And then Trevor stood up and smiled and said “Why don’t we take this to the bedroom where we can use the bed and be more comfortable” and everyone agreed and they all got their clothes. Will helped Trevor with Rebecca as she was still drunk and he needed to remove the restraint collar.

Will carried her tiny body and made sure to finger her as they kissed on the way up the stairs.  Trevor raced ahead to the bedroom to turn on the hidden cameras.  When they got to the bedroom Trevor helped to take her shoes off and then told her to get down on her knees. When she looked up she saw all Trevor’s buddies in front of her waiting for her to suck their cocks  “MMMm, I’m a spoiled girl,” she said as she began to suck and stroke each cock in turn. While sucking their cocks Trevor got the bondage straps ready and then Trevor told his slut to get on the bed and he went up and tried her hands to the bedposts and spread her legs and tried them to the bedposts as well and then Will got between her legs and began to lick her vagina and clit and Eddie would be kneading her breasts and sucking on her nipples and Rebecca would be sucking his cock as well and and John and Richard were on each side of her palying with there cocks and at the same time Trevor had got his camera and started to record the action on the bed. While Will was sucking her vagina he would then suck on her clit harder and when he felt that she was close to cumming he would stop and Rebecca would be moaning and trying to beg him to carry on has she wanted to cum but her mouth was full of black cock and then he went back to her vagina and began to suck at her clit and then until she was close again he stopped and he then looked at Trevor and said “I want to fuck this dirty slut” and Trevor just nodded and he positioned his cock at the opening of her vagina and began to force his big black cock all the way into her vagina until he was touching her cervix and Rebecca began to shake has she had a powerful orgasm and covered his cock in her cum and he had to hold on to her hips to keep his cock in her vagina. As Rebecca came down from her orgasm,  Will started to force cock back into her vagina and soon he was fucking her hard and fast.  Rebecca could only scream, “Oh my God, Oh shit. Fuck me harder.  It feels so good.” Rebecca was loving being used like a dirty slut.

Soon Will, grunting and moaning, was ready to cum and he started to rub her clit with his thumb. Rebecca was growling, “Give it to me baby.  Give it to me.”  Rebecca’s body was shaking as she was having another powerful orgasm and soon Will let out a yell as he filled her vagina with his black seed.   Rebecca fell back on the bed exhausted. Will was exhausted too but as soon as he pulled out Eddie took his place and slid his larger cock into her vagina.  Rebecca moaned, “More oh my god, just fuck me this cock feels so big!” He fucked her hard and fast and Rebecca was holding on to him and telling him “Fuck me.  You like me when I’m dirty like this?  You like my white pussy?  You want to  dump your black seed on top of your friends?”. Soon he was moaning as he filled her vagina with his cum and this made her body shake again.  She could not believe she had the loads of three different men soaking in her vagina.  She felt like a slut and she loved it.  She could feel it sripping out of her as he continued to thrust.  “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum again.  Right there.  Right there.  Don’t stop.  I’m going to…….agghhhhh” and she had another orgasm and screamed out loud that she was cumming, “Oh god I’m cumming…….”. Eddie watched her twitch flood his cock with her juices. He pulled is sopping wet cock out and wiped it on her stomach.   Then just as John was about to take his place Trevor untied Rebecca and told John to get on the bed and told Rebecca to get on top and ride him.  Rebecca said she was too tired but he whipped her with the crop and she jumped on John’s cock and began to ride him.  He placed his cock at the entrance to her vagina and she guided his cock into her vagina. Trevor watched his whore with joy as he  bent down and then gave Richard some lube and he put it on his cock.  Rebecca looked over and saw the largest cock she had ever seen.  She watched Richard disappear behind her and then placed it against her asshole.  He put some lube in her ass and then slid a long finger deep down the hole as Rebecca screamed, “Oh god, no, no, no.” Rebecca tried to get up, but they held her down, preventing her from getting away. “Stop!  Please stop, she cried, “You’re hurting me,” but she was helpless as she felt his finger pull out and a larger organ dig deeper in her ass.  She had done this before, but it had been awhile and it hurt. She let out a loud long cry as it sunk deeper. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddd Nooooooooooo.” Ironically it felt better for Rebecca as her pussy had been beat up already today.   After his cock was all the way in her ass she then told them “Whyyyyyyy, oh god, oh god, just take me.” and soon John and Richard got into a rhythm and Rebecca’s body was shaking like a rag doll as the two men gave her all that they had.  Her g-spot was being crushed by two hug cocks as she let out a silent scream as her body seized up and liquid started spraying all over the place.  Rebecca looked down and felt a river of fluid flow onto john’s body out of her body as she came.  She had no control as it kept coming out.

While she squirted, she was still getting fucked by John and Richard she felt the bed move has Will and Damian got on the bed and told her to play with their cocks and get them hard and she grabbed each cock and started to play with them until they were hard and soon. Rebecca’s body was still shaking as her fluids drenched John’s cock.  “Damn she is trying to drown me,” yelled John sho was lying in a pool of her fluids.  He told Richard, “Let’s fill her vagina and ass with there cum” and soon then both came together and filled her holed with their black seed. Richard and John slowly pulled their cocks out of her ass and vagina and she felt so full of cum. She was tired as well and hoped that she could rest, but Will and Eddie lifted her up and placed her on the floor and then both played stroked their cocks until they were ready and came all over her face. “”Ummmm lick you whore, ” they yelled.  Rebecca was bent over the couch and was fed another beer.  It dulled the pain.  The guys kept coming up behind her in a train and dumped more cum in her ass and pussy. At one point, Will was in her mouth, Richard was beating up her pussy with his huge cock, and Damian was fucking her ass from behind and soon they were all moaning has they filled her mouth and ass with their black seed.  “Eat it, swallow it like a good whore,” said Will. She gagged.  She couldn’t come anymore. Trevor was screaming out, “Fill her up.  Fill this slut with your black seed”.

When they pulled their cocks out all the cum spilled out of her mouth, from her vagina, and ass onto the floor and she was completely drained, but her body continued to shake.  She tried to stand up and said, “Oh my god”.  All the guys looked and a flood of pungent liquid flowed from her pussy onto the floor.  It looked like she was peeing but she had lost control and was squirting uncontrollably.  Trevor yelled, “You bitch, that’s digusting.  Lick it all up.”  He grabbed her by the hair and made her lick it up.

They laughed watching her filthy body lick the floor.  She was tired.  She needed sleep.  He picked her up and dragged her naked body to the front door and as his friend’s left he made her  thank them for using her like the dirty slut.  She thanked each one of them who kissed her good night as they left and took selfies with her ravaged body.  They all thanked Trevor for a great night and he told them that anytime they wanted to hook up with her again to just give him a call or stop by. They all left and he went up to the bedroom and he saw that Rebecca had fallen asleep so her pulled the covers back and covered her up and let her sleep covered in cum with cum leaking from her vagina and ass so that when she woke up in the morning she would remember what happened on Super Bowl Sunday and then got his laptop and put the film on and edited it.  He then put it on the RebeccasOffice website for her members to see how their black cock slut enjoyed the Super Bowl.

Meet the @RebeccasOffice Mystery Employee of the Month. Recognize Her?

I don’t often tout my employees of the month for their beauty, but this month’s recipient deserves every minute of it.    She doesn’t technically work with me because she is a remote housewife employee.  She has been working here since 2006 and is a partner of my parent company RADMedia as well!  She first built her relationship with us in the Southeast region and has recently moved to the Northeast and is doing a super job.  What is amazing is that in last month’s blog poll my members voted her as the 3rd most similar online personality that they find in common with me.  When you meet her, you will see why she is such a great salesperson.
When I sent her the note via social media to let her know that she was the Employee of the Month, she was so shocked and flattered.  She has moved from a sexy secretary into a sexy salesperson.  Our clients just melt when they hear her speak and when they see her they can’t speak and finally when she puts her touch on them, they are just flat sold.  Have you done business with her before?  You need to see for yourself.  Oh here is the kicker, she has already agreed to do a larger pictorial to show you how she sells.  CLICK HERE TO SEE IF YOU GUESSED RIGHT AND HAVE SEEN OUR EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH BEFORE. Shhhh! DON’T TELL ANYONE!
PS – When you finish looking at this pictorial, you should definitely go and join her website!!

Movie Review – The Post

Well I must say that I was pretty excited to see this movie based upon the hype and the fact that two of my favorite actors (Hanks and Streep) starred in it.  I also have to say that I am not really a fan of movies that over-dramatize true facts.  I am not happy when I have to go back and read other materials to prove the accuracy of a movie.  There is definitely a “Hollywoodized” piece to this movie:

  1.  Nixon is made to look like a bad guy.  He is the one who wanted to end the war and save the reputations of his democratic adversaries Kennedy and Johnson.  The war was ended under his term while they carried it out.
  2. They create an anti-feminist scenario where you see Streep’s character walking through a bunch of admiring women after the Supreme Court ruling
  3. They created a fictional character Board member to be Streep’s fictional antagonist
  4. They created a character who was sent to spy on the Times, and
  5. MOST importantly I think the story while a part of history is overdramatized already because the Washington Post was not the main player here.  It was the New York Times.  The Post was one of many papers and not THE Paper nor the Leader.

That said, the movie does capture a historic moment and how people did not trust the government at that time.  For me as a very young kid I missed all of this.  I didn’t even know or really feel like the war was a big deal for me so I do appreciate the accurate re-account of the times.  I just wish they really told more of the truth and not try to taint our view just because the facts they had weren’t juicy enough for the movie.  The movie was still entertaining and I am sure many people will enjoy it. It should also win many awards .

I will give it 3 erections out of 5 and do recommend that you only see it when it comes out on Pay Per View.


Member Erotica: Chapter 31, Part 2 – Life of a Black Cock Slut

Chapter 31. (Part 2) Rebecca’s Black Master Gets Is Revenge

As Rebecca cleaned up and put on clean clothes, Trevor’s mind was working.   He needed to work fast as he needed to make sure he gained Rebecca’s trust.  She was in desperate need and he put himself in the position of her only support and he would give it to her.  Although he knew what had happened he would tell her that he would be there when she was ready to tell him what happened.  She was still in shock.  She had had sex with strangers before, but never felt drugged, helpless, and so unsafe before.  Waking up in the middle of nowhere, disoriented and not knowing what happened had scared her.  She walked over to Trevor and he asked her again if she wanted to tell him what happened and she shook her head.  Trevor told her that he would take her home as it was still early in the morning and perhaps she could sneak back in quietly before everyone awoke and if she wanted he would wait for her and they could go back to his place after.

Rebecca told him that she would be okay.  So they drove off to her home and parked in the dark around the corner so nobody could not see her sneaking in at an odd hour. Just before Rebecca got out Trevor told her that although she said she was okay that he’d be at the nearest Starbucks having a coffee in case she needed him. They kissed and he caressed her cheek and told her that he loved her.  Rebecca walked around to the side of the house and entered through the bank pantry, but when she closed the door her husband was waiting for her.  “Where the fuck were you?”, Rebecca stepped back in shock and before she could lie, he lifted her skirt and saw her red pussy and continued, “You fucking whore!  Do you realize your children had to call me at work and say that you hadn’t come home yet?  They were wondering who was going to make dinner?  You knew I had a dinner meeting and they were going to be left alone if you didn’t go off all night with your boyfriend!”  He was mad, but she didn’t know his secret.  He had actually been out having dinner with his mistress.  All he wanted was to discredit Rebecca so that he could kick her out of his house and look like the good guy when he found a new younger wife. He had a Private Eye who had been following her and been tracking Rebecca and staked out outside a suspected hotel he traced her to on a couple of occasions.  Earlier that morning he had seen her dissheveled figure walking half naked into the hotel at 3am.  He then alerted Al that they were heading his way when she emerged again at 4:30am, this time with a tall man he had seen with her before that appeared to live there.

Al was livid.  The alert had given him the opportunity to prepare his verbal onslaught.  He showed her his phone which showed her and Trevor coming out of his place.  Rebecca was helpless against his attack.  Her pussy had been brutally fucked and it showed.  He would use that photo as her infidelity in any lawsuit.  She had not contacted the police about the rape either.  It was hopeless.  She looked on the floor to her right and saw 4  large suitcases.    Al then threw an envelope at her.  “Sign these papers and I won’t sue you and file you as an unfit parent with the State.  I just want you out of this house and away from the kids.  I don’t want a slut and whore living under the same roof.  If you want to see them you will have to contact me.  I am going to be nice and tell them you are going to move away and that unfortunately their mother and father are going to take a temporary and maybe permanent break because your work is coming before our marriage and that their mother is sorry to not be here to tell them in person.  If you say otherwise, these photos will be used against you in a very very nasty divorce.”  He opened the envelope and pointed where he wanted her to sign.  Rebecca was crying.  She couldn’t tell him now.  She had been having a relationship for over 6 months now.  Nobody would believe her.  People at work had noticed her change behavior and suspected things.  She signed the papers and forgot to read the fine detail. She would of find out that under California law everything would be split down the middle except he got full custody of the kids and the house and cars.  She signed the papers are started weeping loudly.  He whispered loudly, “Shut up and get out of here before you wake everyone up.  I threw your stuff in those bags and will send the rest when you tell me where to send them. “  Rebecca burst into tears and begged him to let her stay so that she could say goodbye to her kids but he got up, threw the bags outside and held the door open waiting for her to leave.  She did not look at him and walked out the back door.    As soon as she was through the door, he shut it and turned off the porch light leaving her in the dark.   Rebecca realized her home life was now over.  She texted Trevor and he immediately responded he’d be there in 5 minutes.

When Trevor arrived, he saw how upset she was and picked her up and helped her to the car and drove her to his hotel.  He didn’t ask what happened, but saw that Al had broken her even more than all of her sexual encounters combined.   Her body was shaking uncontrollably and she looked like her body was crushed.  While he was driving he told her not worry as he would be there for her.  There was silence as all he could hear was her crying and sniffling.  He knew that Al must have been upset and that they had a big disagreement.  He smiled at the thought but did not want her to know that he was pleased.

Eventually, Rebecca turned towards him and said “Thank you.  I know I can count on you and I am glad you are here for me.  I’m just very hurt right now.  I will not forget this.“  As they were driving Rebecca noticed that they went past the building where she worked and not to his hotel and she wondered if he was going to fuck her in her office and started to panic.  But when they went past it she looked at Trevor curiously as she did not know were he was taking her. Soon he took a left turn and went up a side road until they came to a two story white house where he stopped the car. Rebecca turned around to him and asked him what they doing here and he told her that this was her temporary new home.   He had rented it from AirBnB for 3 months until their new place was going to be ready.  He was going to tell her about it that day, but realized that going back to the new place would be better since  he could officially move in. Rebecca said, “What do you mean?” and he told her that he had paid for it and reserved it the prior week when he found out their new townhouse would be delayed 3 months.

Rebecca grabbed him and kissed him hard on the lips and said “Thank You” as he gave her the keys while he grabbed her bags.  When he open the door he took her on a tour showing her the kitchen, living room, dining room on the main level and then he took her downstairs to the basement theater room with three long leather couches and a ninety-inch television and a fully-stocked wet bar. At the far side if the basement was a locked room and Rebecca asked what was in there and he said,  “You will find out when you are ready.”

They then went back upstairs and took her to the master bedroom. As they climbed the stairs she was overjoyed knowing that at last they had somewhere to live and not have to go to the hotel anymore.  She was surprised by Trevor’s taste as it showed how understanding and sensitive he was. She would not have to put up with the cruel remarks she got from the black thugs who lived there. When they got to the bedroom she was amazed at how big it was. It had a king-sized four poster bed with walk-in closets and a huge ensuite bathroom with a soaking jacuzzi tub and double sinks.  She turned to Trevor and asked how he can afford it and he told her that she would be helping to pay towards it as well if that was ok.  She nodded but she had no idea what kind of work he was talking about. In fact, she would be paying for all of it.  He was surprised that she still had not caught on to how a website was paying for it all.  He then told her to have a soak as it would make her relax. While she was gone he got the remote control from the bedside and switched on the hidden cameras to record the night’s fun.  He then brought her suitcases into the closet  and then he got undressed and got in bed waiting for Rebecca to come back and soon she was standing naked in front of him. He told her to get in bed as where she will be safe and he pulled the covers back and told her to get in.   It was now 7:45am and she had not slept all night.  She emailed in and told the office she was not coming in to work.  As she closed her eyes, she let Trevor spoon her and put his arms around her and held her softly.  Having his arms around her made her feel safe.  She started to cry.  Being in his arms she felt like she could finally relax and she began to tell him what happened when she left work that night. She then told him in detail what she had remembered had happened when she was drugged and raped by the three men.  As she told the story, Trevor’s cock grew.  He knew what had happened when she passed out.

He tried to be sensitive.  “Are you going to be okay?  Do you want to take the rest of the week off?  Do you want me to get the rest of your stuff?  I have to move everything from the hotel tomorrow.”  She quietly responded by pushing her butt up against his growing cock.  Trevor wanted to just shove his cock in her but he slow –played it.  He was not going to ruin his perfect plan.  “Hey, I care for you.  I love you.  Are you sure you are okay?”  He grabbed her hand and made his play, “Look, I am sorry about what happened tonight.  I just want to make sure you are okay.  I know with me you have done some pretty kinky things in the past and had rough group sex before and enjoyed it.  I need to understand that you are not scarred. “  Rebecca didn’t hesitate.  She turned around in his arms.  “I did not know these men.  I was scared and I did cum.  The sex was hard and I did get really wet, but they drugged me and I was scared because I did not know them and you were not there to protect me.  I was hoping that it was going to be you coming out from behind a door, but it wasn’t.  Just being drugged and helpless.  I thought I was going to die!”

Trevor’s cock grew as he heard her say those words.  Trevor felt her hand on his cock and he could tell that she was getting turned on telling him about what had happen to her.   He apologized, “I’m sorry that story turned me on.  I wish I had been there to make you feel safe.”  She looked back at him, “I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I like being desired and dominated.  It seems so weird that it all would have been okay if just someone were there and I knew that these guys weren’t complete strangers.  She continued to stroke Trevor’s cock which got bigger and harder  when she told him about what had happened with her husband and how she had signed the divorce papers and then threw her out and shut the door and that is when I texted she had texted him to come and get her.

Trevor reminded her that he was sorry and said he promised that he would always be there for her to keep her safe.  “Maybe we should take it easy with the sex for a while….” but Rebecca hesitated for a few moments before she squeezed his cock and told him “I was scared at first but I soon began to love the sex and soon I was feeling like a dirty whore” and then she looked at him and told him “Please Master use me and fuck me like the dirty whore I am.  I need you to want me and make love to me tonight and fill me with cum that really loves me and cares about me” and then she started to play with his cock harder and she kissed him hard the lips, and soon the kissing got more intense. His hand started to move down to her pussy and he slid his fingers inside finding her clit and started rubbing it a little.  She whispered “Yes Master, this belongs to you now.  I want you to please me however you wish” and he rubbed it harder and she felt it grow harder. “Are you sure?  You might not like what I have planned,” he replied.  She said, “I will be a good girl.  I trust you.  I will do whatever you want.  Just don’t leave me.”  He then turn her round until she was on her back and he pinned her down with his legs straddling her.  She saw him reach behind the pillows and he pulled out some bondage straps and tied her hands to the bed posts and her ankles to the ones at the end of the bed.  He smaked her across the cheek and then pinched her nipples until she screamed.  Rebecca screamed out “Yes Master do whatever you want to do to me as I am your dirty whore to be used and fucked.” He then got between her legs and his tongue flicked against her clit and he used three fingers to slowly fuck her vagina.  Her pussy felt swollen from the fucking she had the previous night and soon her body started to shake and she screamed as she had a powerful orgasm and squirted onto the palm of his hand. Rebecca was moaning as he fucked her with his fingers deep inside her vagina and teasing her engorged clit with his tongue.

Rebecca had tears of joy in her eyes as her Master took control of her body and he took his fingers out of her vagina. They were covered in her sweet juices. Trevor then probed her ass with his tongue and Rebecca moaned louder. He then replaced his tongue with his index finger and pushed it deep into her ass and her moan turned into a squeal as he pushed more of his finger into her ass. “Oh baby, it feels good.  I’m yours now.  You can have my ass.  Please be good to me.”  He continued to use his tongue on her vagina and the pleasure she was feeling pushed her over the edge as her body started to shake as she had another powerful orgasm and her cum dripped into his mouth and she lay there breathing heavily. He then got between her legs and started to rub his cock up and down her wet vagina and forced his cock into her vagina. He kept pushing more of his cock into her until he had most of his cock in her vagina. He pushed further and grunted as he started to fuck her hard pushing his cock deep into her vagina and grabbed her hips as a handle.  Rebecca began to moan louder and soon his cock filled her completely and she felt so good to be filled with his big black cock and she screamed at him “Oh fuck me Master fuck me harder!” and he started to fuck her harder.  Her Black Master could feel her body shake again has she had another powerful orgasm and squirted on his cock.  He pulled his cock out and untied her legs and untied her hands as well and told her to get on her hands and knees. He forced her head into the bed as he moved his cock to her ass and she begged him “Please don’t.  No. Please put your cock back in my vagina and fuck me hard” but he laughed and said, “You said you’d do anything for me.” He pushed her protesting hand away and pushed his cock into her ass.  Rebecca gave out a small scream as his cock was forced into her ass. He grunted as he started to fuck her ass harder as he pushed more of his cock into her ass and she could feel that he was going to cum soon and her body was close to another orgasm. Then her body shook as she came again and she screamed out.  With his cock in her ass, her screams were a whole octave higher. ” Oh my god.  Oh my god!  Yes, Yes, Yes. Harder, fuck me harder.  Oh god.  Spank me TrevorSpank me!” and he then spanked her hard with is hand and she kept screaming out “Spank me Trevor I am your dirty whore” and soon he was fucking her harder and forcing his cock deep in her ass. He soon he was ready to fill her ass with his cum and when he did Rebecca began to scream out, “Oh Yes, you’re cumming in my ass.  Oh my god you’re coming in my ass. Fill my ass with your cum,” and he forcefully held her body down on the bed as he drained his black seed into her tight ass. And after he finished filling her ass he pulled his cock slowly out of her and lay down beside her.  She turned round and lay motionless as she felt his cum leaking out of her ass and she turned to him and it suddenly hit her.  It hadn’t been more than 10 hours since she divorced her husband that she was sleeping with another man and calling herself a whore and slut.

He told her to get some rest as they had a lot of work to do. She covered herself  and was soon asleep. He kissed her on the lips and then got out of bed and went to turn off the hidden cameras.  He switched on his laptop and downloaded the video and made some small edits.   He would use it for the website and as ransom to convince her to do whatever he wanted.  If she disobeyed him he would tell her that if she did not do has he told her, he would send a copy of the video to her family and friends or worse, her enemies, and the video would expose her secret life as a slut for black bulls. After he had finished, he saved the video onto a portable drive to keep it safe. When done he snuck back into bed and got in behind her and put his arms around her.  His cock was poking her ass and she seemed to move to get more of his cock between her ass cheeks.  She had pulled her panties back on and he could feel the wetness of the cum that had dripped out.  He left his cock there between her ass cheeks and then went to sleep.

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Movie Review: The Commuter

Mystery train thriller where a dad must solve a mystery and execute quickly against all odds to save his family and others.  Yes that is a formula film and when you include Liam Neeson as the star, then you have a good time.  As soon as I saw this movie was being made, I knew it was one that we would watch.  Surprisingly the story wasn’t that straightforward and there were a few plot twists which made you say “Oh my gosh” and there were moments where you could lean over and tell your partner what your guess was and they could tell you as well, but of course, we were both wrong!  And there were plenty of tense well.  I think I gripped my guy too hard at some points!

Only problem I had was that the end of the film left you with a little guessing work.  Perhaps there will be a sequel?  I’m not sure.  Anyway, it was a good thriller and I was entertained!  I’d give this 4 out of 5 on the erection scale.  Definitely some good scenes that make this a must see in the theaters for the feeling that you are right there.  You will lose something if you watch this on a home theater.

There are also some good previews of new movies coming too!  Sicario2, Death wish, and Annhilation!


Join @RebeccasOffice on a Real TV Commercial Shoot

I really miss my gal pal who had taken the majority of my photos until last year.  So when she told me she was shooting a low budget cable commercial and wanted to know if I could model in it, I agreed as long as I could get something out of it.  There was minimal pay for it ($200 plus expenses), so she agreed to make sure that she took some extra photos during our down time for RebeccasOffice.
I am working on a totally separate sexy artsy-fartsy fashion project where I need some anonymous photos, so I decided to tag along for a day trip with her.    She is quite the talented artist and uses digital photo editing to play with the photos to really give you this journalistic feel.  It was a blast.  I got a free flight, free haircut, free manicure and pedicure as well.  I think you might find some of the images quite breathtaking.  She is quite good at this and created a nice soft touch to each photo.  Some of them obviously can be used for this new project while others might just have to stay here with you!
Once again you get to see me in my real element.  My girlfriend was a bit concerned that my photos might look a lot like her commercial so we made sure to do lots of costume changes. That is why I was naked sometimes.  Now the question will be if you eventually recognize my pictures on my other site to find my alias! I do need your help though.  I need you to choose between the last two photos for the front page of this site.  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHERE WE WENT. DO YOU RECOGNIZE WHERE WE WERE? COME IN AND SEE.
PS – You should expect to find this commercial on the Travel Channel.  I will be doing lots of eating and drinking in the commercial.