Update: How Many BBCs Has @RebeccasOffice Had? Let’s Count.

I am asked all the time about how many men I have slept with and specifically about how many black men or BBC I have been with.  So I went back and looked through all my records and photos and such and found the best numbers that I could recall.  I also get asked about the most important men and I promise to tell you about them and how they shaped my overall experience with black men in general.  Can you believe I have taken over 10,000 photos with black men?  Not all men allow me to publish their photos publicly and not all photos ever get used because I have too many.  Yes, let me share some that you have never seen before and tell you the biggest secrets about the men who make your boss wet when she is at work.  I can safely tell you that I have had way more sex outside of marriage than I did within my marriage.  Hard to believe that up until 14 years ago I had slept with only one man in my life!
 So you want to know who had the biggest cock?  Want to know who makes me squirt? Quite frankly I was curious as to how many men I had slept with so I spent the last week trying to figure it out.  So before you check out this update, take a guess and see how close you can be.  In this update you will find how many men I’ve slept with, how many black men I’ve slept with, and the main black men I’ve slept with who have influenced my love of black cock.  In my video section I will include a video of the largest cock I ever had.  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW MANY COCKS I’VE HAD BETWEEN MY LEGS.


Movie Review: Hitman’s Bodyguard

What I love about living in Hollywood is that we get to see a lot of screenings and premieres before they hit the national audience.  I am always getting free tickets from friends in the industry.

Last week we went to see “Hitman’s Bodyguard” starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson.  I knew it was a buddy movie going in a la Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker; Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy; Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.  I just wasn’t sure how this movie would go.  There is a fine line between action movies and comedies.  Too funny and the story line loses seriousness around the plot.  Too much action and then you lose the lightness of the characters.

Surprisingly Jackson and Reynolds do a great job with their Odd Couple rendition of buddies and Selma Hayek has a really great role in the show too.  I really am not good on the technicalities of action scenes, but my bf, loved the chase scene in Amsterdam which was pretty amazing and scenic.

The movie is not going to win any Academy Awards, but I highly recommend seeing this movie on the big screen.  It was extremely entertaining.  By the way, if anyone knows the house at the beginning of the movie, I’d love to live in a house like that with cameras focused on me so that you could watch me all day!

I give the movie 5 stiff erections (out of 5)!


A Very Special Interview – Meet Rebecca’s Ex (From our Cuck Consultant)

This forward is provided by DR. 36, THE CUCK CONSULTANT:

I am genuinely proud to be showcasing this special interview—and it’s not just because this is the 36th interview I’ve conducted 😉

No, rather it is because of its personal nature. You’re going to get a different look at the life of a famous internet hotwife, Rebecca from RebeccasOffice.com (whom I interviewed previously here) before she was ever a hotwife. You’re going to get to know things about her that go all the way back to when she was just a conservative college girl who was raised by very religious parents (the “sex is only for pro-creation” type) who also happened to fall on the intolerant side of racism. And you’re going to get to know her through the eyes of her “kinda cuckold” now ex-husband.

Why do I say kinda-cuckold? Because as you’ll see, he and Rebecca’s journey, which resembled a cuckold relationship, was more about her than it was him. It’s one of the most poignantly quintessential examples of compersion I’ve ever seen. To those on the outside, it could have been labeled a cuckold relationship, but in reality, it was a hotwife journey that was solely about Rebecca’s self-exploration and blossoming into a genuine hotwife, even when it meant their mutual decision to end their marriage.

Walk with me as we take a trip which starts down memory lane. On this trip we’ll explore the story of how a relationship between a young inhibited girl and a man who to this day doesn’t describe himself as a cuckold, morphed into one where she became a jet-setting bbc-loving, gangbanging, hotwife, MILF of the porn-world. Together they grew, individually and as a couple, she discovering and claiming who she really is, and he never wavering in his support of her. Our journey takes us to the present, where we find out the why they mutually decided to end their marriage—without regret.

Gentlemen (and ladies), I give you the ex-husband of Rebecca from Rebeccasoffice.com:


Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut Chapter 18 – Becoming a Porn Star

Part 18 Rebecca Is Forced To Make Her 1st Porn Movie Part 1 by Trevor

When Rebecca got home she quietly went to bed without making a noise. She changed into a nightshirt and panties and then got into the bed and fell asleep dreaming of the weird night at the sex club.  She quickly sent a text to Trevor to thank him for the wonderful evening and said that she was already missing him.

Rebecca slept in that Saturday morning.  She woke up a little sore, but more importantly tried to act normal , but it was getting harder to keep up the act as she knew that she would rather be with Trevor her Black Master and Lover. Being with him only a few hours each Friday evening was not enough.  She was having the best sex of her life and it was only torture that she was only getting it once a week.  She looked forward to Fridays more than ever. The weekend dragged on.  The week dragged on too.  She wanted Trevor badly and needed to figure a way to be with him more often.  Each night she texted him desperately telling him how badly she needed his cock inside her. Then when her husband was asleep, she’d finger herself.  Trevor smiled when he read her texts.  He loved the desperation in her words.  He resisted texting her though.  He wanted her frustration to turn into lust and desperation such that she’d do anything.  He had something special planned and knew that it would really test her.  Making her do new things made him hard.  He Grabbed his cock and felt it get stiff imagining the things he was going to have her do.  Finally he sent her a text on Thursday telling her to meet him at his hotel on Friday at 7.00 pm.  Rebecca knew her family would be getting suspicious with her being out every Friday evening, but she had to have more cock. Rebecca sent a text saying she’d be there and told her family that work had been crazy and that she had to work late if she was going to have any kind of restful weekend. Finally Friday went by quickly.  Rebecca raced through her work to make sure she got everything done in time. Fridays were always a pain in the neck as LA traffic was always gridlock.

When it was time to finish Rebecca pick up her stuff and then locked her office and went straight to the restroom to to change and apply her makeup.  She had no time to make it home and didn’t want to be seen there as she had lied about having to work late at the office.  She got dressed in a stall and came out and  looked at herself in the mirror. She was pleased with the way she looked and relieved she wasn’t having to race around to get to Trevor’s.  She left the building and went straight to Trevor’s and hoped that he would like what she was wearing and that it was appropriate for what he planned for the evening. On her drive she felt her panties get wet as she was getting turned on knowing that it would not be long before she will be in her Lover’s arms. When Rebecca got to the hotel she got out of the car, locked it and then went up to her Black Master’s room, knocked on the door, and went in.

Rebecca shut the door behind her and walked up to Trevor, who was putting on a tie,  and put her arms round him and kissed him hard on the lips and he moved his hands on her ass and started to rub his hard cock against her vagina which was driving her wild with lust. And then she pulled away and she obediently got down on her knees, pulled down the zipper on his pants and got his rock hard cock out.  She put it in her mouth and started sucking his cock and pushed as much as she could get into her mouth and started to gag on it, but this did not stop her. Her Black Master was holding her head as she was sucking his cock and soon he grabbed tight and told her that he was going to cum and he filled her mouth with his cum. Rebecca started to gag as he fill her mouth with his cum.  She could not swallow fast enough.  He then he took his cock out and his cum leak out of her mouth and down her face onto her breasts. When Rebecca had recovered, she spread her legs for him and was hoping that he’d fuck her, but he didn’t.  She got up and sat down on the bed and asked Trevor what he had planned for her tonight and he said that it was going to be a surprise. He told Rebecca to stand up and take her coat off and let him see what she was wearing and after taking her coat off she stood there while he looked at her outfit and said that he liked what she his wearing, but told her to take her bra and panties off. She put them on the bed and then he told her to phone her husband and tell him that she was going to work all night and not be home until noon tomorrow. When she was finished he put his arm around her and led her out of the room.  He grabbed her car keys and they both got in and he started the car and off they went.

After about an hour they arrived at a old dark building in Chatsworth.  When they got out he locked the car and then he got a blindfold out of his pocket and told Rebecca to close her eyes and he then put the blindfold on.  He also put a collar around her neck and then led her to the building on a leash. Rebecca heard him knock and then the door open.  Nobody spoke a word. He led her in and she heard the door was closed. And then she was led to a room and she was led to a chair and told to sit down. While she was waiting for her Black Master to take off the blindfold she could hear the voices of some men talking quietly and heard the shuffling of feet and she wondered what she had let herself in for.  She imagined it was like the adult theater.  She was disappointed as she really wanted Trevor’s cock.

After 5 minutes the blindfold was taken off and when her eyes adjusted to the light in the room she was shocked as she saw that the room was full of men and women. She suddenly realized what was going to happen and her body shook.  This was not a normal situation.  There were a few cameras set up facing her as well as a couple men holding some other cameras on their shoulders. She squinted and saw a  tall angry looking naked black men and a shorter stockier black man with a really enormous cock standing in the corner as well. Her Black Master was nowhere to be seen.  Just then a man introduced himself.  He said her was the movie director and told her that if she was looking for Trevor he had left her here to pay back a debt.  He was filming a porn and to pay his debt, she would have to perform in one of his porn films. He then told Rebecca what he wanted her to do.  He was filming an interracial bondage bareback gangbang scene and that was she would be tied to the bed while two black porn stars would use her in every way possible. She would act like a woman who has never been fucked by black cocks. Rebecca asked what if she did not want to do it, and he replied that was okay too as he will force her into doing it and it would make a more authentic film.  Her held her face in his hands and said, “ You will be here until I have finished with you.  We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”  She told him that she could not do this.  She did not want to be on the cover of a porn movie.  What if someone saw?  He laughed, “That is why this is called: “How a MILF became a Reluctant Pornstar.”   He” then pulled her on the leash as she resisted.  But he was too strong.  “No, please.  I beg of you.  I can’t do this.  I’ll do anything, but please don’t make this into a movie.  Someone might recognize me.”  He thought to himself, “You stupid bitch, I’ve seen hours of your stuck up white pussy getting pounded by black cock and you love it.  When other women see this movie and how much a normal woman like you loves it, this movie will be a classic.  Rebecca will be the most famous underground interracial porn star ever.”

She didn’t realize that filming had already started.  As he dragged her to the bed, Rebecca pleaded, “Please, I don’t want to be a porn star.  Please, I’m not kidding.  Please, I don’t want people to see this.”  He turned and looked at her and saw the fear in her eyes as she was grabbed by the naked men and thrown on the bed.  As the director walked away, he smiled.  She was making this even hotter with every word that came out of her mouth.  Trevor had told her this was going to be good.  She was crying now. She struggled but the men were too strong.  They got hold of her and held her down while someone else tied her hands to each bed post and the her legs were spread apart and each leg was tied to each bedpost and then she was ready.  “Please don’t.  Please don’t, she pleaded to the men.  I’m a mom.  I can’t do this. “  The director kept filming as each of the black studs got on the bed and one of them put his cock by her mouth and told her to open her mouth. She turned her head so that she faced away from the camera and his penis. He slapped her hard on her breasts and she screamed out as the camera caught the agony on her face.  The stud leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear, “Behave you little cunt or I’ll scream out your real name, Maria Ferrante, and everyone will know who you are.” Rebecca closed her eyes and slightly opened her lips and he pushed his cock into her mouth and started to push as much as he could. She started to gag and the other stud got between her legs and started to lick her clit. Rebecca at first resisted, clenching her butt cheeks, but realized that the best way to get through it was to perform. She did not want him to scream her name.  The other stud  got between her legs, lifted her skirt  and started licking her clit and used his fingers to spread the lips of her vagina and put his tongue in while massaging her clit with his finger.  His warm tongue stared to get her juices flowing and she could hear him slurping her juices as her hips lifted off the mattress. The other stud, who was fucking her mouth, ripped open her blouse, pinched her nipples with nipple clamps and started to pull on her nipples until she was in pain. “Ow, please , please it hurts,”  her cries muffled with his cock was in her mouth. Then Rebecca felt an orgasm build up in her body.  The Director zoomed in on her face as he had seen the signs of her orgasms before and recognized it was coming.  The cock in her mouth fell out and her screams came out, “Oh god, oh god, uhhhhh – huh………” and then she had a powerful orgasm and squirted on the face of the stud between her legs. He kept slurping , licking her cum from her vagina.  As soon as her screams subsided, the other stud stuffed his cock back in her mouth.  He was going to cum.  “Yes, I want it” she screamed just before his cock slammed to the bottom of her throat. Rebecca felt the stud who was fucking her mouth stop as his penis started convulsing, filling her mouth with his black seed as he let out a roar.  “Arghhh, swallow it you whore.  You know you like it,” and he told her to not spill a drop, but some of it leaked out of her mouth and onto the bed and he looked at her and told her what did I say about swallowing it all and he slapped her breasts, pulling on the nipple clamps as she screamed in agony.  “I’m sorry, it was too much,” she screamed in pain. “You fucking bast..,”her protest was suddenly stopped by a yang on the clamps and his angry face reminding her that if she protested again, he’d scream out her real name.called him a fucking bastard and splat at him and he hit her again and she stopped protesting.  “Looks like she’s not ready to finish yet,” he said.

Then the man who had been fucking her vagina with his tongue, stopped to help the other stud untie her. He laid back and told her to get on top on him.  The angry stud grabbed her with her arms behind her back  and lifter her on top of the smaller bulkier stud.  The cock was too fat and had a hard time entering her tight hole so the angry guy released her arms and told her to put the cock in her vagina. She meekly said, “No” but he put his arm around her neck and bit her ear until she reached down and slowly guided the fat cock to her narrow hole and slowly sat down on it until she felt his cock touch her cervix.  With his arm still around her in a choke hold he told her to start fucking his buddy’s cock and she slowly started to move up and down. It was so tight and her pussy started getting wet. As she got used to it she started to fuck him faster and harder.  It was the fattest cock she ever felt.   Soon she was screaming,  “Fuck me.  It feels so good.  Fuck me with your fat cock.” Her lover started to push up his cock as he started to fuck her and he grabbed her tits at the same time. And then the other stud got behind her and bent her over and then put some lube on his cock and his fingers and put them into her ass slowly.  Rebecca could see the cameras focused on her face and the emotions she was feeling as her tits bounced up and down.  Rebecca’s face started to twitch as she felt a burn and screamed, “No, leave my ass alone.  No…..” ,  but he told her to shut up as she was going to get fucked in the ass for the whole world to see.  “Oh man, people will pay to see a white woman like you getting her first black cock up her ass and see how I break you.”  She had no choice and then he took his fingers out of her ass and slowly pushed his cock into her ass. She was trying to stop him by screaming at him that it was hurting her, but he seemed to enjoy it.  “ Oh my gosh, No, No, No, oh my gosh”.  He had most of his cock in her ass and then he started to fuck her ass as the other stud was fucking her vagina. He could feel her body just collapse as she could no longer fight back.  Her Black Master snuck back in the room.  He had heard the screaming and was pleased with his black cock slut and lover doing what she was told and also enjoying it.

The director was also pleased at what he was watching.  He eased up to Trevor and whispered, “This is the best amateur porn film ever. People are going to love the reality of this.” Seeing Rebecca being fucked by the two black studs. The room was filled with her screaming and swearing at the two studs who were fucking her. After some time they could see that she was becoming addicted to being fucked by black cocks. She was having another powerful orgasm as she screamed out loud, “Oh My God” and swore at them to fuck her harder and make her cum. “You want this?  Show me how good you are, you fuckers.  You got what it taked?  Give me your black seed.  Cum in me..”   They both stopped started screaming,  “Yeah bitch, we gonna load you up  1…2….3…’  Suddenly all three screamed in unison as they stiffened as both men released their cum into her simultaneously!   They filled her ass and vagina with their black seed while she screamed in orgasmic pleasure, buting the shoulder of the man below her.  She collapsed  as both men pulled their limp and spent cocks out of her.   Their fluids leaked onto the sheets and after a minute the lights went up and the director stopped filming. Rebecca lay on the bed as she was worn out and she drank some water given to her by one of the helpers. She imagined she looked like a stcky mess.  The people in the audience were now filing out of the room.  Eventually she was led to the bathroom where she had a shower. When she was finished the helper gave her a robe.  When she went back into the studio the director told everyone to take a break and they will finish later.

“A break?  Later? We aren’t done?” Rebecca was confused  and led to another windowless room that looked like a makeshift dressing room. The  Director told she would be spending her time in this room between takes and the door will be locked, so she shouldn’t bother trying to escape. After the woman had left Rebecca got on the bed and cried herself to sleep and wondered why her Black Master would allow this to happen just to pay off a debt.

#ThrowbackThursday : @RebeccasOffice Glass House Exhibitionism

Before I had a blog, I had no place to promote these old posts.  I figure I should post them each Thursday.  So here is one from 2008. Can you guess the hotel? :

Are you a voyeur? Like to look up women’s skirts? Catch a glimpse of something you shouldn’t see? Well the proverb says that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Well Rebecca has a few other rules you should know. Watch her pose in the window of this glass house. Did you see her? As someone who is a connoisseur of public nudity you know that you must always keep your eyes open and your head up. In this case, all those lucky souls who got up early and stared up in the sky eight stories, got their wake-up message from Rebecca! If you aren’t yet a connoisseur of catching glimpses of things you weren’t meant to see, then come inside and let her give you a few pointers!

Oh yeah, check out this first photo as Rebecca thinks wearing sunglasses will reduce glare! Hey Rebecca, we can read between the lines, or in this case, between your legs! Very subliminal! Sure wish we were an empty beer bottle! Hooray Beer! Go inside to see what other messages Rebecca might have for you. Oh, and grab a nice frosty brew as you watch! Cheers to you Rebecca! CLICK HERE for page 2 of this update!

The Naked Truth about @RebeccasOffice and the DJ (20 min. video)

 As we saw in Part 1, when my husband first started sharing me with black lovers, I just did what he wanted until eventually it was just natural for me.  I never used my body to negotiate anything.  I never had bartered my looks to garnish favors from other men.  Now here I was.  Every weekend my husband was trading/auction sharing my body with others in return for services rendered or simply for their pleasure and mine.
At first I was scared.  I don’t know how many of you would sleep with or let alone let your spouse sleep with a complete stranger.  These were not men that I would normally hang around with in my everyday life.  I had never been treated with such animalistic lust before.  Watching these videos makes me wonder who that is in these videos.  It surely could not be me.  When he pulled out the condom and I told him to just forget it,  I can’t believe I did that!  I was caught in moment of passion. That is not the woman I was raised to be.  Spreading my legs wide, enjoying it and having these men fill my womb with their warm juices!?
When I let this man lick my ass as I sat on his face and then saw his massive cock pointing right in the air, I lost any inhibition.  I knew what I wanted and I took it.  People say the best part of my videos is the authenticity of the action.  Yes, this is authentic.  He was the DJ at the club where I stripped and this is how we paid him for his services.  Quite honestly I wished he charged me double!
If you have read the erotic stories on my blog: www.rebeccasoffice.net.  They are based upon true facts I gave my talented members who write the stories.   This video is actually the basis for one of those stories.
This video was originally released as a 3 minute short  in my “Summer of 69”.  You might want to turn down the sound on your computer as I do a little swearing and some foul language is used.   CLICK HERE AND WATCH HOW I WAS TRADED FOR SERVICES RENDERED.

Life of a Black Cock Slut – Chapter 17: Rebecca Taken To A Club

Part 17 Rebecca’s Black Master Takes Her To A Club For White Women.

When Rebecca woke up the following day she had a dry throat and went to get a drink of water. When she went back to bed, she saw Trevor and his large flaccid cock.  She had not awoken to such a cock before and knew exactly how to wake him up.  She slowly put her lips around his cock and started sucking him.  She was gentle not to wake him.  After a few minutes she felt him move and he opened his eyes and saw Rebecca sucking his cock. He put his hand on the back of her head and pushed down on his cock as he was nearly ready to cum. Rebecca started sucking him faster until he thrust his hips and stopped and moaned as he filled her mouth with his cum. As soon as he filled her mouth, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and some of his cum leaked out and fell on the bed. When they had finished Rebecca got up and went to take a shower as he fell back asleep. She got dressed in the bathroom and when she was ready she got on the bed and kissed Trevor hard on the lips and said ‘I love you my lover’ and Trevor said ‘I love you too’.  Rebecca got up walked to the door but turned round and before she left she whispered one more time, ‘I Love You.  Please call me’ and then said goodbye and then drove home.

When she got home everybody was still asleep so she quietly went in and went to the bedroom to change her clothes into some casual clothes and went downstairs to wait for her family to get up. Rebecca was glad that it was the weekend as it meant that she could get some rest and relax and enjoy herself. Rebecca tried to act normal but she was finding it harder not to want to go and spend it with her Black Master and Lover Trevor. She was obsessed with his cock.  As the week started, she waited for the text from her Black Master.  She even texted him on Tuesday but did not hear back.  Then on Thursday she got the text from Trevor telling her to meet him at the hotel at 6:00pm on Friday as he had a surprise for her and not to be late. Rebecca had a smile on her face after she got the text and sent him one back saying that she cannot wait to see him.

The weekend could not come fast enough for Rebecca. On Friday afternoon she quickly left the office and drove home. People at work had noticed her behavior had changed recently, but figured it was just something going on at home.  When she got home she saw quickly went upstairs and started to find something to wear and then got ready for her night with Trevor. She had told her family she’d be out again and they decided they were going to see movie without her.  When Rebecca was ready she checked herself in the mirror and then she got what she needed and drove to meet Trevor.

When she got to his place she went in and she saw Trevor waiting for her. She went up to him, hugged him and kissed him hard on the lips. She felt his large hands grab her ass while they were kissing. She loved how he was aggressive with her body.  After some time kissing they split apart and he led her to the bed where he had laid out the outfit he wanted her to wear. She got undressed and put on a leather top, leather skirt, leather bra, leather panties and black stockings and thigh high leather boots. When she was ready she stood in front of him and he liked what he saw.  She looked like a tough biker chick.   He kissed her and then he said it was time to go and she followed him out to the car. Rebecca asked him where are yo taking me and he said it was a surprise and he started the car and drove off. After some time they arrived at a normal looking building on Wilshire in Beverly Hills.  Trevor explained it was called ‘Club Joi’ (https://www.clubjoi.com/albums/4196/media_items?autostart=true) and he told her that he had a surprise for her. When they walked to the club, Trevor told him he had a reservation and the man at the door checked that his name was on the invite list and opened the door.

They walked in and he gave the lady at the reservation desk his ID and she gave him a key on a chain and two towels. Rebecca grabbed his arm and followed him as they walked along a corridor until they came to the changing rooms.  The place was loud and dark.  She could hear lots of people shouting and laughing.  He led her to the changing rooms and they went in and her told her to get naked down to her boot.  He took all her clothes, put them in a locker with his clothes and the towels. He locked the locker and put the chain with the key around his neck. They left the locker room and went to the bar in an area called the Exhibitionist area for a drink. Rebecca saw that all the women were white and the men were all black and Trevor told her that it was a swingers club but night was a theme night were white women come to get fucked by black men and hope she was prepared to be fucked.

While they were at the bar Trevor introduced her to some of his friends and although being naked, she was definitely impressed with all the cocks. She also noticed many women had the same tattoo as her. After some time her Black Master told her it was time and led her to a room called the Indian room.  When she went in she saw that there was a big bed in the middle of the room on a platform.  Trevor led her to the bed they stood their for a couple seconds before other black men with their white women came in and stood or sat around the edge of the room.  Rebecca was really amazed to see there were so many women like her who had black master.  She suddenly realized they were there to watch them as they sat down.  Then she realized they were not there to see Trevor, who walked to the edge of the room where he started kissing a redhead.  Rebecca was shocked to see her lover’s cock in the hands of another woman and did not notice the two big well hung black men who came into the room and walked up to her.  Just as she turned to see them, one of them put his hands on her head and she knew that she was to suck both of their cocks so she got down on her knees and she grabbed his cock with her hands and started to play with their cocks, stroking them stiff and then she put one of the cocks into her mouth and tried to get as much as she could into her mouth and she started to gag. She started to suck his cock as she played with the other one and then she try to get both cocks into her mouth, but could not get them both in as they were so big.

Rebecca was enjoying play with two cocks at the same time as they reached down and played with her breasts. She was getting wet and could not wait for them to fuck her. As she was playing with the cocks her vagina was getting wet and she wished that one of them would throw her on the bed and fuck her hard.  One of them mumbled to her.  She looked up at the guy who had his cock in her mouth and he repeated to her, “ Yo baby, are we fucking you with or without condoms?”  Rebecca looked over and saw that Trevor was fucking the redhead.  With jealous rage, she said, “Breed me.” Just then they both picked her up on put her on the bed and one of them spread her legs and got between her and got hold of his cock and started to push his cock into her vagina.  Rebecca spread her legs and started to fuck her hard and fast.  “Yes, fuck me!  Give it to me harder, ” she screamed.  The other one got on the bed by her head and pushed his cock into her mouth and fucked her mouth as the other one was fucking her vagina. As she was being fucked by the two studs she was getting turned on knowing that she was being watch by all the couples in the room and getting more cock than the redhead.  It turned her on that a man she didn’t know was fucking her hard.  She scream out as she had a powerful orgasm and started swearing at the stud to fuck her harder with his big black cock. As Rebecca was getting fucked, her Black Master was also in a threesome with the redhead and her date.  All the other couples were fucking as well and it turn into a orgy. Rebecca started to scream as she had a powerful orgasm and squirted on the stud’s cock and then the stud who was fucking her mouth told her that he was cumming and forced is cock more into her mouth as she begged him to give it to her.  With a loud roar he filled her with his cum.  It was too much as she couldn’t hold it all and came out the side of her mouth and when he had finished he took it out and some of his cum leaked out of her mouth.   Rebecca reached up and scooped back into her mouth and swallowed it.  The stud who was fucking her stopped, spanked her ass and took his cock out and lay down on the bed and told her to get on top of his cock and put it in her vagina and start fucking him. Rebecca moved on top of his 9” cock and mounted him.  She slowly slid down his cock and tried to take the whole length in her.  At one point she hesitated and he spanked her and told her to “take it all”. He grabbed her breasts and pulled on her nipples and she cried out as she eased down until her ass touched his balls.

While Rebecca was fucking his cock the other stud leaned her forward got behind her and started to push his cock into her ass.  Rebecca was paralyzed. Itt gave her some pain, but once he was in her ass and he started to fuck her she got use to his cock as the two took turns pumping her. “OhMy God,” she kept screaming.  She started to enjoy being fucked by two cocks at the same time. As Rebecca was being fucked she could feel another orgasm build up inside her and her body shaked uncontrollably. “Oh God, I’m going to come,” she cried.  She tried to get more of the cocks inside her and was telling them to fuck her harder and cum inside her.  She wanted to cum and then she had another powerful orgasm and fell down onto the stud under her.  “I’m yours, just use me”  And then both studs told her that they were both about to cum and pushed both their cocks inside her and then they filled her vagina and ass with their cum and she had another powerful orgasm as they all three squirted together.  After they had finished they both pull their cocks out of her vagina and ass and their cum started to leak from her vagina and ass and she turn round and lay down on the bed as the two studs got up and left the room. As she lay there she saw that nearly all the couples had left apart from a couple of females who got on the bed and one got between her legs and started to lick the cum from her vagina and ass and the other female started to kiss her hard on the lips. As this was going on her Black Master was watching her with the two females and he was playing with his cock. Then the female kissing her moved down her body until she was with her friend and the female licking vagina pushed two fingers into her vagina as she was cleaning the cum from her vagina. The other female rubbed her clit and this sent Rebecca over the top and she was soon having another powerful orgasm. She squirted on the face of the female licking her vagina and she sucked the cum from her vagina with loud slurps.  The two women then kissed, sharing Rebecca’s juices in their mouths.  Rebecca was sure that it was mixed with the cum of her black lovers from earlier in the evening.

Suddenly she and her Black Master were alone as the two women ran off giggling. The Black Master went to the bed.  Rebecca hit him.  “I can’t believe you fucked another woman”.  He laughed and said, “You are mine, but I can fuck whomever I want, but I will only cum in your pussy”.   He laughed that she was jealous.  He played with his cock until he was ready to cum and then came all over her face and body. When he was finished Rebecca scopped some of the cum off her chin and put it into her mouth. Her Black Master then said that it was time to get dressed so he led her to the locker room and said they should both have a shower and she follow him to the shower room had washed each other and when they had finished they both got dry and then he open the locker with their clothes and passed Rebecca hers and he got his and they both got dressed when they were ready he put his arm around her and they walked to the front desk and gave the locker key and towels to the woman and left the club and when they got to her car Rebecca hugged him and said thank you for a great night.  It was actually a very easy night.  She still wanted more.  She kissed him hard on the lips and then they drove back to the hotel.

And after sometime they got back to the hotel and they both got out and he locked the car and they went into the room and Rebecca got undressed and gave the clothes she had worn to her Black Master and then she put the clothes she came in back on and when she was ready she went up to Trevor and put her arms round him and kissed him hard on the lips. She reluctantly let go and said thank you my lover and I will miss you and then he said I will miss you as well and then she said bye and drove back home.

@RebeccasOffice: My 2014 @HotWifeBlog Interview

In case you never read my interview from the HotWifeBlog, I think it will add more insight into the cuckold relationship that I got myself into.  I never knew I was in one of these relationships until I left my husband last year.   I always thought that I was just a woman who enjoyed sex and was a swinger.  Perhaps if you are a swinger you are also in a cuckold relationship.  I loved the variety of sleeping with men other than my husband and became addicted to it such that we stopped sleeping together.  What do you guys think?  Is that a cuckold relationship in your mind?

Here is the link to the interview: CLICK HERE


How @RebeccasOffice Got Started & a Cuckold was Created

I love when my updates inspire you all and I can respond with an update that  allows me to share more information about me.  After last week’s 14th Anniversary video update and my Cuckold interview I was asked two main questions last week (there were more but we’ll talk about 2):
1) Wow, I wonder how you looked before you became an internet pornstar? and
2) How did you make your partner into a cuckold?
So we went deep into the archives.  In fact we had to go back to last century.  Heck, if you want to see what I looked like before I went online, you have to deal with these older lower quality images, but they really depict how I got started and it is consistent with all the stories we have told you over the years.  I had not seen these photos before.  My husband at the time had been sending these photos to hundreds of strangers unbeknownst to me as I chatted online with potential lovers.
Want to see my photos from last century?  Want to hear how I got started here and how my time online has changed my perspective?  Want to see how an ordinary woman was turned into a 14 year veteran of the internet?  You won’t believe how my life has transformed from then until now.   My husband first secretly took photos of me  and then shared these photos with other cuckold men.  These photos were his secret stash that I never knew about.  Are you a cuckold or want to be one?  Don’t miss this.  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW IT STARTED. 



@BBCWhorelist Interview of @RebeccasOffice

If you haven’t read my interview with Master X from the BBC Whorelist it gives you a glimpse as to who I am and how I became addicted to black cock.  I am very happy that they decided to include me amongst the initial girls.  I am girl #21 and I think they are up to about 200.  After you read mine, read about my girlfriends:  Alyse #3, Gabby #13, Holly #4, Janet #11, Dee #23, Lori #71 and Jackie #22. What you will note about most of these people are retired or lasted only a couple years.  I am now 14 years into this.

This is probably the first interview that I have ever done.  I hope it gives you some insight into my mindset at the time.