Ahhh…long weekend

Just got back from my long workout of yoga and spinning class. You guys give me extra motivation. I will say that everytime I feel tired I think about how much I want to look good for all of you and I keep pushing harder! As I said, I’m trying to get better with age. Your encouragement is very helpful and motivating!!

Speaking of which, it is a 3-day weekend here in the States. Yesterday was pretty quiet at work. We all left work a little early and those who were around went out to our local bar for a little drink. Fortunately it was a beautiful afternoon and we sat outside soaking in the sun. It is nice to let your hair down every so often and just talk about non-work things with your colleagues. My assistant even said something a little scary to me yesterday (maybe it was the 2 margaritas). He told me that I seemed different the last 6 weeks and that the other assistants in the office were asking him if I seemed differentas well. I found myself getting defensive and then he just said that they were probably jealous and noticed that I was smiling more and that I seemed to be working out a lot more and feeling more casual since it was the summer months. Phew….. I thought people were on to me! I was also getting hot under the collar since Thomas is this HUGE 24 year old. He could be so much more professionally, but he spends a lot of time working on his body. He has muscles on top of muscles. If I needed a bodyguard instead of an assistant I could just use him.

Anyway, a couple of the other guys on my sales team said that I seemed different too, asking if I had lightened my hair, gotten a new haircut, etc. I laughed and told them I had talked to my doctor about “viagra” (just like the commercial) and they all laughed.

Well I hope you all have a great weekend!

Surprise Package

So I worked late last night and there is this tiny package on the table waiting for me as I get home. I poured myself a glass of win and sorted through my mail with this package with no return address. At first I thought, don’t open it, it might be a terrorist thing. Then I noticed the Tucson postmark and realized it must be from Dreamnet.

I opened it and realized it was!! Some member had ordered a product for me and had it sent to Dreamnet. It was so small!!! You boys a re so bad. I guess I’m going to have to model this thing VERY soon!


Happy Weekend

Hello gang!

How is everyone? Well I tried to play golf this weekend but the weather didn’t cooperate. I wasn’t looking to having my husband critique my swing anyway. Well I do need to practice anyway since our annual summer ending corporate tourney is coming up.

I should have worked for a company that likes to play tennis instead! Any golfers out there?

Speaking of which, did any of you see the new Bud commercial? Maybe its new…I’m not sure. The one about the guys sitting around the office saying which girl they’d like to sleep with? It is so funny.


This computer virus thing combined with recvoery from last week’s blackout has just been crazy!. Its like we are now running 100mph just to catch up and keep things afloat!

How are you all doing? My new update will be coming up soon. It was funny, I had just comehome when I got the phone call in the update and my husband just started taking pictures and “we went with it” as they say.

I have a new videoclip that I was going to put up, but I probably won’t get home in time to send it in for this week’s update, but I’m sure you’ll find it well worth waiting for when it does get put up.

I’d love to hear from you all!

Saturday Night…HEY!


My husband and his buddies are off at the baseball game tonight and most likely a pool game or two afterwards, so maybe I’ll catch you in the chat rooms and we can wait together for him to come home!

Hopefully we’ll have power given that we are still having some outages for small periods of time.

Is it hot in here?

Hey everyone,

I hope those of you on the East Coast weren’t too inconvenienced by the power outage. I too lost power and had to be picked up since our train wasn’t working. I’m working from home today which is a mis-nomer since nobody is ever really good at working from home on a Friday.

We are still having rolling blackouts here because it is so hot and thus we have no air-conditioning. Can you guess what I’m wearing?

Have a great weekend everyone!

My first entry

Hello Everyone,

I decided this might be just another way to communicate with you all. I will still answer all emails, but thought this would be a great way to keep in touch as well if you just want to read what is going on in my life.

As of this writing I will have been on almost 3 weeks now! Time sure flies when you are having fun!!

Yes, I am having fun and some of you are really making me wonder why I didn’t do this sooner. Have I changed? Not really? I’m still shy about really being “out there” but I think that will come as I become more comfortable online.

Again I do want to thank all of you for making this transition of turning my private fantasies into a public display a very easy one.

Well, it is lunch time and I just got back from a business trip, so back to the salt mines I go!