Ahhh…long weekend

Just got back from my long workout of yoga and spinning class. You guys give me extra motivation. I will say that everytime I feel tired I think about how much I want to look good for all of you and I keep pushing harder! As I said, I’m trying to get better with age. Your encouragement is very helpful and motivating!!

Speaking of which, it is a 3-day weekend here in the States. Yesterday was pretty quiet at work. We all left work a little early and those who were around went out to our local bar for a little drink. Fortunately it was a beautiful afternoon and we sat outside soaking in the sun. It is nice to let your hair down every so often and just talk about non-work things with your colleagues. My assistant even said something a little scary to me yesterday (maybe it was the 2 margaritas). He told me that I seemed different the last 6 weeks and that the other assistants in the office were asking him if I seemed differentas well. I found myself getting defensive and then he just said that they were probably jealous and noticed that I was smiling more and that I seemed to be working out a lot more and feeling more casual since it was the summer months. Phew….. I thought people were on to me! I was also getting hot under the collar since Thomas is this HUGE 24 year old. He could be so much more professionally, but he spends a lot of time working on his body. He has muscles on top of muscles. If I needed a bodyguard instead of an assistant I could just use him.

Anyway, a couple of the other guys on my sales team said that I seemed different too, asking if I had lightened my hair, gotten a new haircut, etc. I laughed and told them I had talked to my doctor about “viagra” (just like the commercial) and they all laughed.

Well I hope you all have a great weekend!