Happy Monday

Alright troops!

How are you all doing?! I hope you had a great weekend. I’m back to the old grind and on my second cup of “MUD”. I just checked my teams in the fantasy football contest and it looks like only one member is beating me! Not bad for a GIRL. Okay so my husband helped me, but I’m even beating him.

He told me that he’s not helping me anymore as he wants me to have to take a personalized photo for as many of you as possible. If that happens I might have to become a full-time nudist! Well, that will NOT happen and I will be working my little tooshy off brushing up on my football knowledge to make sure this girl becomes just as knowledgeable about football as all you men!

Have a good week. I hope you will enjoy this week’s update as I relive my childhood (hint-hint).