Midnight Thursday

I get to go back to school tomrrow! 1st grade at least. Taking my daughter to school for Halloween! No work!

Great seeing you all on chat tonight for those of you who were there.

I am updating tomorrow, so those of you on my email list, please be sure to look out for my note when my update goes live! You will be able to check out my costume!!


Hey Everyone,

Everyone keeps asking about it…and yes I will be having my Halloween update. Because every 5 days is the earliest we can update, my update will be coming out on Friday since I last updated on Saturday eve. I guess conceivably it might come out as early as Thursday eve.

And yes, this weekend is our Re-Weddding anniversary when my husband and I get re-married and renew our vows (slightly altered from the original). We will be having a civil service with a couple friends and then my husband and I will send the kids off to see friends and we shall have an evening alone!

I hope everyone is doing well. Best wishes to all my members in Southern California who are affected by the fires!



Halloween Week

How is everyone? Well the one thing worst than going to work is going to work sick. Its probably just the change in the weather and time but I’ve been feeling tired and had the sniffles the last couple of days.

Otherwise everything is set. Costumes are set for the kids, Candy for the trick or treaters, decorating the house, etc. Hopefully it won’t rain (or snow) on Halloween. I can’t wait to watch “Charlie Brown’s the great pumpkin”.

I’ll tray and get on chat before I go home from work. Hope to see you guys there.

Sunday Sunday

For the past 3 months I’ve found it slightly uncomfortable going to church knowing what I am doing on the Web. BUT Today…oh my. First, it was my first time for updating on s a Sunday. The our monister delivers a sermon on temptation…greed, lust, etc. which make us do things that we wouldn’t normally do. I could have sworn he was looking at me. I felt so small and was wondering if my husband thought the same thing.

We were silent on the way home until my husband said, “Do you think he is a member?” We started laughing so hard.

We just stopped by for our one Fastfood meal this week (hey, I worked out for you guys, I deserve a little break). Anybody have any McDonald’s game pieces?

This is a big week for me. We celebrate our anniversary this week and also it is Hallowwen of course. My Halloween update will be on Friday (just in time!). I did say I’m punctual, didn’t I?

Happy Saturday

Just trying to stay fit. It was girl’s morning so we all went to the club, worked out, hung around the juice bar and chatted. We are all lucky to have husband’s who like to take care of our kids. Anyway, we took advantage and hit the mall for a couple hours before the crowds arrived and then I ran off to the Giant Eagle for a few errands.

Pretty full day already. Hope you all aren’t being couch potatoes or shooting things (I know it is hunting season for some of you).


Blow that whistle Mr. Slate! Time to go home!! I love you all. Have a great weekend! It’s Friday Night, and the Feeling’s Right!

Before I do…

Thanks to Charlie: I received my sexy Halloween costume today that I’m going to wear for my Halloween pictorial.

Thanks to Schmo: I love the little necklace!

BK: I can’t wait for the package to arrive. Thanks for the confirmation!

Thirsty Thursdays

Well normally it is Thirsty Thursdays but I have to go off to pick up my cousin who is flying from Italy. Now before any of you get any ideas, she is my mother’s eldest sister’s eldest daughter, so she is in her 60s. Not that hse isn’t an elegant woman in her own right, but I’m sure that you guys had other things in your mind.

She is a beautiful woman who hasn’t seen my kids yet, so she is probably going to have lots of gifts. I haven’t seen her in about 10 years myself.

I’m going to have to introduce her to “Survivor”. I think that the blonde Curly Haired Guy” is going to get the boot. Anyone else have a guess?


Hell week! I’m negotiating a big deal and I have to srite business school application recommendations for a few of my analysts, so I’m a little slow to reply. That is why I update today instead on later this week….although you never know….I might just feel frisky and give you guys a weekend surprise.

I’m only allowed to update every 5 days at the earliest anyway. AND I don’t seem to be doing very well on the Fantasy Football front. I think all the guys beat me this week! I was definitely distracted!

Just don’t take advantage of this poor gal again this week.

Christmas in October

Site’em: I was at the Rite Aid today and saw one of those Singing Santas that sings when it senses your motion. Then I looked around and saw the ornaments and lights on sale.

I haven’t even bought Halloween candy yet!

I hope you are all out enjoying a wonderful evening. I’m pooped after watching soccer all day! How do these kids do it?!