Sunday Sunday

For the past 3 months I’ve found it slightly uncomfortable going to church knowing what I am doing on the Web. BUT Today…oh my. First, it was my first time for updating on s a Sunday. The our monister delivers a sermon on temptation…greed, lust, etc. which make us do things that we wouldn’t normally do. I could have sworn he was looking at me. I felt so small and was wondering if my husband thought the same thing.

We were silent on the way home until my husband said, “Do you think he is a member?” We started laughing so hard.

We just stopped by for our one Fastfood meal this week (hey, I worked out for you guys, I deserve a little break). Anybody have any McDonald’s game pieces?

This is a big week for me. We celebrate our anniversary this week and also it is Hallowwen of course. My Halloween update will be on Friday (just in time!). I did say I’m punctual, didn’t I?