Heading Home

Hey everyone. My vacation has come to an quick end except for the flight home. I can’t wait to show you through photos a little about my weekend here! I don’t expect to get home until late and then have to get up early for work tomorrow.

Just a wish to say I hope you all had a great weekend!

See you around this week!


I feel like the gal in the American Express commercial.

If you guys want to impress a girl, just pack her bags and whisk her off to someplace romantic! Nothing like waking up in a beautiful place like here! My husband told me not to tell you guys where we are because he wants to do a pictorial where you have to guess!

Well I need to grab a little continental breakfast and hit the sites! Only have 2 and a half days here. Lots of shopping and eating to do!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Sick Tuesday

Been in bed all day with a temperature of 102. I feel like Glenn Campbell looks in his mug shot. I’ve had a bad headache and am sweating in bed (and not even having sex), but I thought I owed you guys a small message! Of course not that my brain wasn’t mush already but I sat in front of the boob tube all day today.

This is the second way to get Rebecca off her feet. Of course getting sick is not a common thing for me. And I’m supposed to host a huge Thanksgiving meal for all my cousins and their families (34 people) in two days!

Well I need to get some sleep. Rebecca in bed before 10pm? A record!

Airport Journal

Sitting here waiting for my flight in the lovely Indianapolis Airport “Red Carpet” lounge. Flurries here today and I’m afraid I’m coming down with something.

I hope you are all doing well and getting ready for the holidays. I’m going to take Wednesday off as well I decided.

Oh miracles they are finally going to board our flight! Sorry this is short. Maybe I’ll update when I get home.

Stuck in a hotel!

Hey guys,

I just finished a 5 hour ordeal to get to my hotel. I have a meeting tomorrow morning first thing and needed to get here the night before. The weather here in the Midwest was pretty bad so my plane was delayed forever and we got out 2 hours late. I hate flying commuter jets in bad weather.

Well hopefully the weather will be more calm back home tomorrow evening and I’ll get home at a decent hour.

We went to our weekend house this weekend to take the boat out of the water and clean up some debris from a recent storm. It was like a ghost town. We were the last ones to get our boat out of the water on the whole lake (it doesn’t really freeze, but it is good practice)

Have a great week everyone! For those of you in the US, Happy Thanksgiving. Because of the holiday, I will be udating on Tuesday afternoon local time instead. Hope you all enjoy!

Where did the week go?

Wow this week flew by with job interviews, sick kids, etc.

Maybe it was all the Michael Jackson news, Bob picking Estella on the Bachelor or Rupert getting dropped off of Survivor!

Anyway the week is over and I wonder what I accomplished! Ever have one of those weeks? Of course nothing gets done next week as we go on vacation for Thanksgiving here in the US.

Happy Birthday to George! Happy Turkey day to everyone. I am going to update a day early this coming week (Tuesday eve). Have a good one if you don’t hear from me online!


Hey guys,

Can’t figure out what to watch tonight?

Kelly Jo or Estella on the Bachelor? The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show?

Ha, well my guess is that he will pick the nice girl next door (like me) and pick Kelly Jo. So watch the VS Show and listen to Sting! While you are watching the fashion show, think of how I would look in those clothes or not in them!

And yes, if you want to see what I have chosen, I have shopped the VS Christmas catalog and sent my husband my requests. If you want to see my wishlist from Vicotira’s Secret, let me know via email and I will send you a copy.

What a whirlwind day!

I hope you are all doing well. Ever have one of those days where something hits you out of the blue and our whole life feels in disarray?

I got a headhunter call today, had a stealth 2 hour telephone interview with the HR people of the company and by the end of the day I was making secret plans to interview with this company on Thursday.

This could be a big change for me. Of course it all threw me off kilter and I got so behind in my work today!

Anyway, my new update will be showing up tomorrow. I hope you will all enjoy it!

Your Rebecca

I’ve always said this isn’t just about me, but about US. When you say you are a member of mines, let me show it with pride!

So guys, you want to put your mark on me? A member mentioned an
idea and I think it would be fun.

Everyone has a personal T-shirt or something that represents
something about them. I am looking to take photos that really
represent my members. So, if you want to get rid of an old
something, send me a piece of clothing with the logo of:

1) Your employer or personal business
2) Your favorite watering hole
3) Your alma mater
4) Your golf club
5) Your music band


I think this would be fun and if you want to be apart of it send any
attire to:

Rebecca Dream
59 E. Pennington St.
Tucson, AZ 85701

As soon as I get at least 5 pieces I will put together a pictorial.