Rebecca’s Monday Morning Coffee! – VOTE NOW!

I hope you are all rested from the weekend and not sick from all the candy!

Okay..I had the energy here on a Monday to have a little fun especially after such a poor performance in the Dreamnet Football Pool this weekend. I think I almost came in last! My true lack of knowledge of sports really came through.

One of my members said I must have bent over and taken it! Well, the guys at Freakdaddys are having a BEST A$$ contest this months, so I bent over and provided a never seen before picture for all of you to check out! Since many of you have said they like my backside, I thought I’d give you a chance to show how much you like it! Or at least get your week started right!

You can vote once a day for the rest of the month! SO whenever you have the urge this month, put your pointer where you think it belongs and CLICK on ME! If Arnold can be the Governor of California, then send me a vote too!

Have a GREAT WEEK! – Update coming on Wednesday eve!!

Love Ya,