Thirsty Thursdays and Thank You

Brrr. Its cold. I think tonight I will have to forego my martini and have a hot brandy! I hope my husband is up for snuggling up by a hot fire with his dreamgirl!

Are you guys enjoying my update? I was thinking about it and I am so glad I did it. It was different knowing that someone else could share our reenactment of our first night. Marriage is really about variety and it sure was variety taking pictures for you.

Next, I raise my glass to all of you. I’ve only been here 3 months and although I probably won’t win the Best Ass competition on Freakdaddy’s, the support is great. I’m only losing to DawnMarie, Jenna, Faith, Pattie, and Tracey who have all been on here for years; At the same time I’m beating lots of girls that have been on here for years or started at the same time as me! That is truly amazing. So if I somehow come in first or second, I think I will reward you all by making a DVD and taking the money to buy something nice to wear or play with for all of you! SO keep voting!…….This will be my last contest for a while.