Turkey Hangover

I cam back home and the only bummer was that my kids and my sister did not eat the leftover Turkey!

Ughhhhh! I can just imagine them all eating McDonald’s and KFC all weekend! Anyway, it is nice to be home where you no where everything is.

Are you all having a hangover back to work after the long weekend? I just can’t get motivated and with the dark skies outside I just feel like going on vacation the rest of the year. I had such a great time this past weekend. I’m bursting to tell you about it, but you will have to wait until the pictorial comes out in a couple of weeks.

Of course, I am going to be a little hard to reach most of next week. All the aunties and uncles are flying up from Florida to sepnd time with us and our cousins for “old home week”. SInce none of us want to go to Florida and travel with screaming kids on an airplane for the holidays, all the aunts and uncles fly up here on their “Senior” discounts. So my mom and dad will be nosing around. I’ll be able to type messages like this during the day, but not at night when I’m at home.

Have a good week!