Final 2003 Journal Entry

New Year’s Eve and I’m giving me and my group a half day off to prepare for the evening. Not much tonight for me. I’m just staying home after an early dinner party.

I thought I’d write these out so you’d know what I like. People always ask me what kind of woman I am when I have my clothes on. I think I’m just like any other woman. I like sappy movies. I don’t listen to heavy metal music, nor do I listen to feminist Nazi music. Despite my business image and my doings here on Dreamnet, I’m just pretty normal I think. So I thought I’d put this list together of music I listened to a lot this year as well as movies I saw and enjoyed.

These only have to be things I like of saw in 2003, it doesn’t mean that the item had to have come out in 2003. I also haven’t seen or heard some movies or albums so Cold Mountain for example isn’t on this list.

Top 5 Favorites lists for Rebecca of 2003:

Top Albums:
1. Annie Lennox- Bare
2. John Mayer – Heavier Things
3. Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head
4. Dido – Life for Rent
5. Seal IV

Top Movies:
1. Love Actually
2. Something’s Gotta Give
3. Calendar Girls
4. American Wedding
5. Lord of the Rings

Top TV Sitcoms or Dramas (Reality and News shows excluded):
1. Will and Grace
2. Sex and the City
3. Everybody Loves Raymond
4. Yes Dear
5. Hidden Hills (cancelled)