Saturday Nights!

Hey guys,

Given the tragedy at my office, I just feel this vigor to make sure I live life. Not taht I don’t have it already, but sometimes it just takes real life tragedies to remember that you need to live everyday with passion and fire!

I hope you are all doing well.

I do have a question though. I like this journal thing, but it does cost stomething. Would you prefer that I write in my Yahoogroup or at least make that more of my journal? It might be easier for all of you as I think that most of you who read my journal also read my Yahoogroup and rather than have me check my yahoogroup, my journal and my email everyday, you and I will only have to check two things on a daily basis.

WHat do you think? Reply here to this post. That way I will really get a perspective on the value of this journal!