Happy Friday

Ah…Home Sweet Home…or should I say Office Sweet Office.

Nice to be back home after an unscheduled trip. I’m cleaning up the mess i left for myself back here at the office and apologizing to those I forgot to tell that I was out of town.

So I’m having one of those days where I tell my assistant, Thomas, that I need to hold all calls and keep my door shut!

Now if I can just take it all home with me and sleep in my nice comfortable bed and dream of the next pictorial that I should put together for you guys!!

Love you all! Have a great weekend!


PS – Feeling sentimental since it is a cold day here….hope you like my music choice.

Greetings from New Mexico

Boy I sure wish I knew someone in Albuquerque.

There is nothing worse than traveling unprepared to someplace you’ve never been before and then not knowing what to do around here. Oh well, i have lots of reading and preparation to do before my meeting tomorrow!

Remember, tomorrow is my update! The short month of February is almost over and I can’t wait for March! Hopefully Spring will come early!


Manic Monday

Ahhh…packing here late tonight as I have an emergency roadtrip! One of ourpeople decided to join another firm and left me holding the bag!

Babysitters, temp help, and having to cancel all my appointments this week!Everything so last minute! Yikes!

Well nobody can say life is boring! I hope you are all having a more calm week than me!

If you see a lday running through airports….its me!


Saturday Night

My husband and I had a painting party today. We were painting the room for our girls as we decided to move the girls into one room and our son into the other. I’ve got yellow paint all over me!

I hope you all had a fulfilling Saturday!

I think we’ll just sit back and watch Saturday Night Live tonight. I haven’t watched that show in ages!

Frisky Friday

Ahhhh…the week is over.

We went out tonight for a nice Mexican dinner. Yummm. So nice to end the week on a Friday and go out as a family and then have some nice Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. It was so good and creamy!

Well I hope you are all not reading this on a Friday night and are out having a nice week and tying one on after giving your all to “the man” for some hard earned dollars!

I’m so stuck in the ’80s today, just keep humming tunes by Aha and Duran Duran today.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thirsty Thursday!

Whew Thursday already!

You have to love 4-day work weeks. The markets are crazy these days. It really is weird and irrational! I think people are trying to figure out which way the election is going to go.

Me? Yeah, I’m getting a little bored with my McJob. It is a great one mind you, but I just need a change. I’ve been at the same company 7 years and just have that itch. It might also be this lousy weather and I want to move. Especially seeing those Dreamnet girls with year round tans in Arizona! JEALOUS!

I hope you are all having a great week.


Humpty Dumpty Update Day

Well my update day again!

I hope you will like it. I’m going to slightly apologize that my video is a little quiet, but you can blame my husband. No, it probably was me. I was definitely tired after getting screwed for 2 hours. In case you can’t hear I’m telling you about how I was just taken by Mark in that hotel room and how he took me in that window.

I’m trying to do something different with my videos and talk more than just do action and stripteases. I figure this is a way for us to have a dialogue so I hope you like them and I promise to be louder next time!

Hmm another girl is gone from Dreamnet-Donna. She didn’t last long either. A shame since the Dreamnet people put such hard work into these sites. They barely get a chance to realize a return on their efforts. As I said, its you members who really make Dreamnet a community, not us girls.

Taming Tuesdays

Back to work!

Alright slaves…get cracking! Hah-hah. Well glad that it only is a four day work week, but at least the sky is blue and I feel energized by some exciting projects and prospects for the week!

Nice to catch up with some of you again last night in the chat room.

I can’t believe Sarah and Haley are now leaving Dreamnet. They seemed like two normal working moms just like me. Haley was so nice showing me the ropes and we had some emails traded on how to do this while raising children, etc. I will definitely miss her.

Alright guys! Now I am officially halfway up the Dreamnet grid! I’m feeling old! Actually if I look at the group I think it is pretty solid above me. Many have asked me what is going on, but I have no idea. I think there will be very little departures from here on out. Most women have been here a long time and needed a change I guess. I think some of the new one maybe just found it wasn’t for them. Oh well, at least they tried.


President’s Day

Hi everyone,

Just got back from our weekend away. It is nice to get away from the house and chores every once in a while. Also nice to have the 3-day weekend and get away from work and get some rest.

At the same time it is nice to come home and to my own kitchen and bed.

Did everyone else have the day off?

Well, I have to go out grocery shopping and re-stock the fridge for the week.

Chocolate Comatose!

Good Morning Everyone!

Well I hope you all had a nice Saturday evening. I definitely had a decadent evening of chocolates, champagne and flowers. Yumm!

It is a long weekend here in the States so I’m going to keep this one short since I’m supposed to be just lounging around. But since my family decided to clean up the dishes I thought I’d jot this note off to you!

This was a special Valentine’s this year for me now that I feel like I’ve been exposed to so many of you. It was definitely a lusty Valentine’s rather than a romantic one!

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!