Hi gang

Boy, this sure was a big Wednesday. I got a job offer for another company, closed a deal on a new company that I’ll be covering and went through first quarter performance reviews with my staff!

I am totally exhausted. For those of you who saw me in chat I literally fell asleep at the computer the computer I was so tired! It was a good tired though. I loved everything that I got done.

No, I’m not taking the offer although it was very flattering. I definitely would consider offers though, but it just wasn’t worth changing and going through the new company process when I like my current position.

Oh, and i forgot, my new update went up today. It is what I think was the first time I had ever taken my slthes off outdoors. My husband found enough good quality photos to post. So you can see if I look different as I think the photos were taken about 5 years ago.. Let me know what you see or think.

Well happy humpday as usual!


Maid for Mondays

Hi Everyone,

I love Mondays. Maybe I was Made for Mondays or Mondays were Made for Me. Maybe I’m a Maid for Mondays. I don’t know why it is. I’ve always felt like I was so energized and working so hard on Mondays that I get ahead and it makes the week go by so much easier.

Anyone else work in this fashion?

Hey, now that doesn’t mean I don’t like Fridays and weekends too.

Everyone have a great weekend? I’m doing poorly in my pool, but I think I won a bet!!!! Boy is he going to have to pay! And you are all going to benefit from this!!


Ahead of the game

Hi everyone!

Don’t laugh, but I thought this weekend was Daylight’s Savings so last night before I went to bed I changed all the clocks in the house. I almost even wrote a note to all of you! So anyway, this morning my husband and I got up and took the kids to breakfast, etc. Even while sitting in the car I changed the clock in the car.

So I sit here just now and wondered why my computer clock didn’t change itself! Et voila, it isn’t til next week! So I found an hour tonight and am using it to write and catch up on things!

I hope you all had a great day and if lucky have the new holiday off (I don’t).

BTW, it was nice to catch some of you in the chatrooms last week. If you have never been there I encourage you to go to the Dreamnet chatrooms to find me, other members and other Dreamnet girls.


Saturday Sadness

Boy, my basketball pool is really in shambles. I’m really into it this year although most of the teams I picked are just gone. I just vote for all the underdogs.

I created a pool with all the women in our office (women only) separate from the general office pool. I just want to be in the top half.

So what is everyone doing now that it is Spring? Anyone have Spring Fever? I know I do! I want to romp through a field of daisies naked!

Oh and for those of you who didn’t see, I picked Duke to win it. I always do. I’m not a trendfollower. I’ve been doing this for a long time because I personally know someone who played there.


I have never been so behind in my life, but with having spent a week on travel away from the office followed by a week of jury duty and then going away on R&R with some girlfriends I fell behind on work and Dreamnet emails by a week.

I know many of you might say that isn’t so bad, but it is for me and I promise not to fall that far behind again if I can help it. I guess when people ask why I don’t do scheduled chats, this is a good reason why.

Life does throw so many curves at you doesn’t it. At least I can’t say life is boring and definitely doing Dreamnet, I am always thinking about what new things I can do.

Of course back to the task at hand I hope you all like my latest update. I really did lose that bet as you saw on the website. Poor me. But good for you all!

Well I hope you all enjoy it!



Sunday Night Special

Hi gang!

I just got back from my Girls spa weekend! It was nice to get away. No kids and husbands! My husband had gotten back on Friday just as I was leaving. He got to play Mr. Mom.

This place looks spotless! Now I;ve got a job for him! Especially since he left me a nice bouquet of flowers!

I got a facial (not that kind!), soaked in the steamroom, had my nails done and got a great massage! Of course I got a great looking Greek God masseur with strong hands. It was heaven! Combine that with great food and service! I almost didn’t want to come home!

I’ll write more as the week progresses!


Thirsty Thursdays

Boy was I thirsty as I went out and a few drinks. It was a long week so far so I needed it just to relax a little.

I hope everyone is doing well. I was sad to see my friend Shay leaving Dreamnet. She was so helpful to me when I first started. It is so weird to now see my photo in the banner at the top of the page and now I’m smakc dab in the middel of the grid and climbing up.

I am going away for a girls weekend this weekend. We are leaving mid-day and going off to pamper ourselves! Doesn’t that sound fun?

I hope you are all having a great day out there in internet land!

St. Patrick’s Hump Day

Well Well. Who isn’t wearing green today? Now come over here so I can pinch you.

My new update should be ready on the site in a couple of hours. I hope you like it. Am I wearing green? I do have some green in my eyes. I also added a 90 second video clip for you to play over and over again. Sorry that it isn’t a St. PAtty’s day theme update, but I was never partial to little green men!

I decided to pack up the kids and spend the weekend as a family with my husband on vacation. So I will be offline Friday-Sunday. I do hope to come back with a little bit of a tan at least!

I hope you are all having a good week!

Move over comes Tuesday

Hi all!

Whew……all of this traveling and jury duty three weeks in a row just killed me. I got behind a couple days on work emails and phone calls and then a whole week behind in emails here. I’ll never do that again.

I definitely was the most productive person in my office yesterday. It took me 15 hours but I’m almost caught up!

Did you catch the surprise that Dreamnet made for me? Anyone? Yes, I’m now featured prominently at the top in the logo design. I’m not sure why me, but it sure is nice to be thought of.

So Tuesday….just putting together those final touches for tomorrow’s update. Should be a doozy. St. Patty’s day? Nah, I don’t need to do some little leprechaun outfit. I have eyes that have green in them anyway! You’ll just have to wait and see…..


PS – Someone wrote that I have no respect for my duty as an American and do my jury duty. Let me clarify this to that person. I do more than my duty to help the American economy and I don’t sit idly by while the American jury selection system makes me sit in a dungeon twiddling my thumbs while my clients lose their money. I’m all for doing my time, but if you want to select me, do so…just don’t take 4 days to decide. Aren’t we all due a fair and swift process?

Sunday Special

Hi guys,

Well I am writing this because I finally got my computer fixed. The techies at work tried to add software to my laptop on Friday and then I had trouble getting to all my passwords. I couldn’t get around to reconfiguring it until tonight. I was at baby showers and birthday parties all day yesterday.

Can you believe March is half over? Somebody please tell me the warm weather will be here to stay soon.

My husband is off to Arizona to go watch baseball so I am going to be home alone. Anyone want to volunteer to keep me safe and warm? Of course you have to earn it.