I have never been so behind in my life, but with having spent a week on travel away from the office followed by a week of jury duty and then going away on R&R with some girlfriends I fell behind on work and Dreamnet emails by a week.

I know many of you might say that isn’t so bad, but it is for me and I promise not to fall that far behind again if I can help it. I guess when people ask why I don’t do scheduled chats, this is a good reason why.

Life does throw so many curves at you doesn’t it. At least I can’t say life is boring and definitely doing Dreamnet, I am always thinking about what new things I can do.

Of course back to the task at hand I hope you all like my latest update. I really did lose that bet as you saw on the poolhost.com website. Poor me. But good for you all!

Well I hope you all enjoy it!