Whew….I have a brain freeze. I got home yesterday and then we went out to Baskin Robbins. DId anyone go last night as they were giving away free ice cream. My husband took the kids out the night before as Ben and Jerry also were giving away free ice cream.

My kids are never going to pay for ice cream again!

Well the week is flying by, but I am behind in my emails so I still have to catch up. I feel like I’m way behind again . It is so crazy how we now rely so much on comupters. Hopefully they are not hurting our productivity!

I hope to be in chat tonight so I will see you there!

Talk about feeling naked!

Sorry everyone!

I gave my computer to tech support over the weekend since we are upgrading all our technology in our offices but over the weekend I found out I had to leave Monday morning for a short trip.

Talk about feeling naked! I had no laptop and therefore no entertainment while away. It was just me and the television in my hotel room! I couldn’t even chat with you guys!

Well I’m back filtering through all my emails with my new laptop! Hope to see you in the chat rooms.

Thirsty Thursday – I’m bad


I’m such a slacker these days. Maybe the Spring whether and the prospects of Summer and a much needed vacation are getting to me. So I just got up and walked outside for a a much needed morning shopping spree downtown. I had no meetings this morning, so I walked in the local department store as they opened up and bought some new shoes etc.

Then I was walking back to the office and smelled what I thought were some great pancakes. Actually it was a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream store making fresh-baked brownies and waffle cones. YUM! So at 11am I had a morning snack of ice cream in a warm waffle cone….there goes my diet! I am sooooo bad.

Did you know?…..The kid at the store told me that all Ben & Jerry’s stores will be scooping ice cream for free next Tuesday? Yes, you just show up and get whatever flavor you want and you don’t pay a dime! What a deal!

Now I need to think about lunch. Tonight we start Thirsty Thursdays again as the weather is better, so we all leave the office again for a little happy hour at 6pm which is nice.

Hope you all like my new update!


Hey Guys,

Hump Day and I’m draggin’. Sure wish it was Monday! Ha ha.

This muggy weather is just a drag on the hair and I’m always talking to guys in the office with sweaty armpits (wear a T-shirt)! Well It is Wednesday so I better go home and hump something.

My update will come out later today so maybe that will get my hubby in the mood for a little “Hump Me Day” action. You’ll have to check out my new lingerie and my new shoes. I think they make me look much taller!

Looks like the site has a new amateur. Be nice to Jacee just like you were to me!

Monday Mania


Monday! Yes it even rains here on a Monday. I got caught out in the rain a little when I went out for my cup of Starbucks coffee. Just a little see-through silk blouse action for all of you!

Still hot and muggy here. Lots of humidity!

I know…why talk about the weather on a Monday?!

You all know I like Mondays!!! It’s just a dumb brainwashing I’ve done on myself to make Sundays seem better and to make everyday Monday to feel like part of a 3-day weekend. So did you all have a great weekend?

Well another 362 days until tax day again..Phew!



Hi Everyone!

Rainy stormy days here. At least it is almost 80. Very muggy though. This humidity is awful for the hair!

Worse yet, everyone including the dogs want to go outside and they need to stay in! Looks like a day of playing Candyland five million times! Actually we have a kids birthday party to go to, but I think it is supposed to be outdoors! This should be interesting!

I know, be careful what I wish for. I wanted warmer air, but it came with storms!

I hope you are all resting well this weekend. Well, I have tons of emails to catch up on! Oh….and I have a special surpirse for all of you coming in my pictorials. Keep watching! There will be a test!

APRIL 15th!!!!!

Yikes the day is here! Tax Day! The sky is falling!

Okay, now let’s make some lemonade out of lemons……so if you are reading this and are not a member and got a refund…I know how you can spend it! On me!!!! I’m not tax deductible, but I definitely sure can be slotted as an entertainment expense.

Oh how “a propos”. I’m Dreamnet’s Site of the Day today! Maybe you can list me as your tax preparation advisor. Let’s see….what advice can I give:

…Don’t forget to sign your return….
…Don’t forget to put a stamp on that envelope if you aren’t filing electronically.
…Definitely use Turbo Tax or something like that to help you with your taxes. It makes taxes really easy if you have to itemize deductions.
…Don’t donate those dumb extra few dollars to your political party or some animail rights group…puhleeeeese! spend that refund on me. That’s an order! If you need advice on what to get me, just send me an inter-office memo right here!


Tax Break Time!

Okay guys (and some gals),

Get those heads out of those 1040s and do some different kinds of itemizations! I hope you all get refunds this year! Remember, membership to my club is more of an entertainment expense and is not tax deductible.

Financial advice? Sell any unstable stocks you have now. Most people tend to dump today or tomorrow to pay for any kind of taxes they owe the government.

Did I owe? I always owe. I never pay the government more than I should or else they’d be earning the interest on my own hard earned moolah!

So back to deductions…I have a new update that is sure to put a smile on your face. I hope you enjoy it!

When Tuesday = Monday

Well I’m back from a 3-day weekend and energized even more than ever!

What does that mean? That means that I had the Tuesday energy equal to my normal Mondays! I was so excited to get back to work and even more excited to see that people at work had not even responded to my big effort before the Easter holiday so they are way behind in their responses to me!

Ugh…I do have to take some financial continuing education exams to make sure that I am still up to date with current codes and issues. I hate them as they really have nothing to do with the work I do on a daily basis. It still befuddles me why we learned geometry (ha-ha). The area of a circle still does not come into my daily work. I know, it would work for certain industries.

So has Spring Fever hit everyone? Are there any laggards out there still stuck in the coldness of Winter?

Good update things coming this week……..