Strawberry Monday

Hey Monday!

Wahoo! Got my taxes done this weekend. What a bother! Sure hope I don’t get audited! Excuse me missee, but where is this money you got from some company in Arizona? Marketing Consulting? Can I see samples of the work? Oh…… Boy would that be awkward. Actually my husband was told that happened to one of the Dreamnet girls once. Too funny!

Yes Mondays are the best! It still is a bit chilly and rainy here. Hoping to start seeing consistency in days in the 50s and 60s and no rain at least. I like to trick myself into thinking things are warmer, so I treated myself to some ice cream today after lunch! I went by Coldstone and I was a little grossed out by the kid mixing the ice cream and touching it with his hands. So I walked over to the river at the Ben & Jerry’s and got this new flavor called “Primary Berry Graham”. The gal said it is a new strawberry flavor with Graham cracker chunks. And it was served on this delicious waffle cone! Yummy!! I’m hooked and need to buy a pint at the store on the way home. Anyone else have any favorite flavors? I also like Cherry Garcia! I know I’m bad, but I like to indulge every once in a while in life’s little pleasures.

Well I’m now in a food coma and need to take a nap! Ha-ha! Actually this is an easay week with a lot of clients out of town and getting ready for the holidays (Easter).

Of course I become a baseball widow tonight as baseball season starts. My husband will be glued to the television tonight switching back and forth watching 3 games at once I’m sure.

Have a great week and keep smiling.