SEXY Saturday


I hope you all got the weekend off to a good start. Last night we packed up to drive out here for the weekend and then the babysitter came over while we went out to the baseball game.

It was a pretty boring game, but we just sat there and cuddled and talked with everyone until one of our guys hit a big homerun to win it! Yea Us! So of course we had to celebrate! Take off my shirt right there!? No! Although I heard some tennis player pulled down his shorts to celebrate yesterday! He convinced me that now that it is warm enough I should go for it! So I did!

After the game we walked across the walkway connected to the stadium back to the parking garage. As we were about to get in our truck, Mr. Rebecca decide that we needed to take some photos to celebrate right there in the garage!!! So we hid around the parking garage and took some photos and almost got caught with my pants down right by the elevator when the door opened! Oops! A whole family walked right out!

I can’t wait to show the photos!


hiya everyone,

here is my ee cummings version of my journal (for those of you who don’t know, he was a writer/poet who never used caps (yes always educating). so if anyone asked if you learned anything today, don’t forget.

well the weekend is upon us and i’m going to leave early as we are going out to the weekend house and get everything set up. memorial day is really the offical kickoff for me for the summer. most of my clients start going away and instead of meetings, they want to go to golf outings or baseball games or other non-office venues.

from now until labor day, productivity is rather low in the whole us economy except the travel industry. of course, i hope to be out taking some wonderful new photos for all of you!!!


Thirsty Thursdays!

Hey Kiddos!

At last I am free, in my office and back at full speed! I am SOOOOO ready for the long weekend. My kids are in a little Memorial Day parade which will be cute.

We’re also going to a baseball game on Saturday night and watch some fireworks. Hopefully we’ll go home and make some of our own! You know the song, “baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and sex”! Just kidding!

SO what do you guys think of my new pictorials? Sorry to go from one extreme to another. The first was really never meant to be a pictorial as we just came home from the opera and felt like we needed to shed the “culture” we had received for the evening. The second was definitely interesting. I had received this gift and my husband said I needed to use it or else it wouldn’t be fair to the person who bought it. Normally I wouldn’t hesitata, but it was a little daunting with all those little bulges and it was pretty gelatin-like!

But yes, it was exciting in the end. You just have to put yourself in the mood when trying those kinds of things!

If any of you are taking off early for the weekend, have a good one! Happy Memorial Day!!


Happy Monday/Tuesday

Sorry guys,

Just lots of stuff going on around here personally and at work! Yesterday started out slow and then it got crazy and now I find that I’m just covering for all the people on vacation.

How are you all doing? Good I hope! Anyone else horny?! I’m just way too busy to be this horny too!

Okay, if you are around, drop me a line. Send me a note to let me know you aren’t on vacation!!!

Sunday Special

How’s everyone doing this weekend?

Here? Just another stormy day. We just drove 2 hours through flooding back from our weekend house. I am not fond of driving through that kind of weather. Of course tomorrow is supposed to be sunshine and warm! I told you Mondays can be special. Actually, I’m a little annoyed that it would be that nice tomorrow. Might be a staring out the window kind of day since so many are taking the week off right before Memorial Day.

How about all of you? Anything special coming for Memorial Day? Any local parades or family events?

Or raise your hand if you will be around this week so I can see what I can do for you that might be special!


Toot-Toot! Hey! Beep Beep!

Blow that Horn!

5pm…shut the door and go home!

Actually I have another couple hours of work to do and my husband is going to meet after work today and have dinner with me while the kids are being babysat.

Next week will be even better as I can get tons of work done since so many people are getting ready for summer and taking time off going into the Memorial Day weekend! I just love Memorial Day since it really signals the beginning of summer and the fairs and and concerts, etc.

Have a good one everyone! Don’t drink it all in one place!

Thursdays = Rebecca

Well how is everyone!

Its been a long week. Almost over. I hope your week has been flying by faster than mine! When there is only one parent in the house it is just too taxing! I don’t know how single mothers and fathers do it. It just doesn’t work!

Well the week hasn’t been a total loss. I have lots of new business, but it just means I have so much more work to do and no time to do it!

I might need to hire a few more people. Any CFPs or CFAs out there looking for a job? Let’s see, Must be at least 5’9″, nice body, dress accordingly, no underwear necessary, must be willing to bring flowers andrun errands when asked. Must be willing to work late and long hours. What do you think?

have you all heard that new Beyonce song? It is my new mantra!

Happy Hump Day/Thursday

In reply to the last gentleman…I’ll give you a hint…it vibrates!

How’s that for my first words of the day!

Well it has been a long day. Working from home is not productive whatsoever. Half the phone calls take up your time with utter nonsense. I really do like my crappy office with old furniture, air-conditioning that is too cold, vents that you can hear conversations through, and an elevator that I swear is going to crash and fall someday!

It is amazing how offices can become places of solitude!

I hope you all like my new update. I was just feeling nostalgic and my husband loves black and white photography! I’ll write more tomorrow during the day!


Manic Monday

Sorry guys,

What a crazy Monday. I took the weekend off from any work and I just got slammed today and was in catch up mode.

That means tomorrow will be Big Monday (instead of Tuesday) as I try to get ahead and get my group humming again.

Oh…I got a new gift in the mail. Looks fun. I’ll definitely have to show you guys what I can do with it. Thanks to my friend in Philly for the new gift!

Well I’m going to retire early tonight to get an early start tomorrow. Love you guys!

Frisky Friday!

Dancing in the Streets! and Singing in the Rain!

Yes, the weekend is almost here! I can smell it in the air! The flowers smell great and it should be a glorious sunny and warm weekend after today’s storms if my weather forecaster (aka meteorologist) is right.

Hope you all have something great planned. Or in my case, nothing planned! I love it when there is no party to cook for or event or socializing that needs to be had. I just like to sit around reading and not have to listen to anything but the occasional lawnmower or ice cream truck passing by the house. Ahhh, the sweet sounds of summer!

My husband and I actually have a sitter tonight and we get to be like adults and go out to see a show. It’s not Broadway quality, but it still is okay. I’m just glad to be out of the house acting like a grown-up.

I don’t think I mentioned it here, but I did enter another contest. This time it is for “Best Breasts”. I felt Dreamnet was under-represented so I started 10 days late and my goal is to at least make the top 10 if not the top 5! So please vote as I’ve already reached the top 15. Of course I’d love to win, but I can’t get greedy.
I’ve entered under the name “Rebecca Dream”. You can vote here: