Happy Mother’s Day

Hope you all had or are having a great Mother’s Day.

I think my own mother was happy to not have any of her daughters or her grandchildren around so that she could enjoy her peace and quiet.

Me? Just went for a long walk and reflected on everything I’ve done and become over the last 9 months. Truly amazing. I smiled to myself a couple times. When I cam back, a nice country breakfast with blueberry pancakes awaiting me! It sometimes really makes me realize how fortunate it is to have screaming, messy and needy kids or ruin all my free time!

Well 365 more days until I get treated like queen for a day again!

I got home and we just slept and then ordered out pizza then settled in to watch Survivor. I won’t tell you who won, because I was really disappointed. I hate the end result. Oh well, I guess that is part of the make-up of the show. If only the good guys won, we wouldn’t watch.

Hope you all had a great weekend.