Thoroughly Drenched Thursday

Boy, I bet you guys sure wish you were here today!

Halfway through this morning I decided to go out to Stabucks and get a Frappachino as is it is so hot and muggy here. Well wouldn’t you know it, while I”m waiting for my barista to put it together, the skies open up and it is pouring cats and dogs! SO I wait a bit and before you know it, my 10:30 conference call is in 10 minutes.

So yes, I run across the street! and try and go under the overhands to not get wet and race into our building. My blouse is soaked and very see through. I can’t run through our marble-floored lobby or I’d slip! So of course our security guards gigle and everyone has a nice glance at my expense. Once in the elevator I try to adjust my blous so the wet spots don’t cling to anything too revealing and then once I get to my male-dominated office I have to stoicly walk through my office with my breasts somewhat outlined and water spots all over my blouse!

Talk about office gossip! Of course if they only saw my updates on the site today, they’d be ordering some whipped cream on top of their coffee, don’t you think?

Love you all!

(hint of the day – Bring an Umbrella)

PS- Sorry my song is the same for the 3rd day in a row, but I love it!