Thursdays = Rebecca

Well how is everyone!

Its been a long week. Almost over. I hope your week has been flying by faster than mine! When there is only one parent in the house it is just too taxing! I don’t know how single mothers and fathers do it. It just doesn’t work!

Well the week hasn’t been a total loss. I have lots of new business, but it just means I have so much more work to do and no time to do it!

I might need to hire a few more people. Any CFPs or CFAs out there looking for a job? Let’s see, Must be at least 5’9″, nice body, dress accordingly, no underwear necessary, must be willing to bring flowers andrun errands when asked. Must be willing to work late and long hours. What do you think?

have you all heard that new Beyonce song? It is my new mantra!