SEXY Saturday


I hope you all got the weekend off to a good start. Last night we packed up to drive out here for the weekend and then the babysitter came over while we went out to the baseball game.

It was a pretty boring game, but we just sat there and cuddled and talked with everyone until one of our guys hit a big homerun to win it! Yea Us! So of course we had to celebrate! Take off my shirt right there!? No! Although I heard some tennis player pulled down his shorts to celebrate yesterday! He convinced me that now that it is warm enough I should go for it! So I did!

After the game we walked across the walkway connected to the stadium back to the parking garage. As we were about to get in our truck, Mr. Rebecca decide that we needed to take some photos to celebrate right there in the garage!!! So we hid around the parking garage and took some photos and almost got caught with my pants down right by the elevator when the door opened! Oops! A whole family walked right out!

I can’t wait to show the photos!