Terrible Tuesdays!


I have wall to wall meetings today (debriefing everyone on how to do my job in my absence). Ackkkk!

I hope that you guys are having an easier day than me!

Such is life when you are leaving AND going away for a little R&R!

So just keeping this a little short today! Tomorrow might be a little better, but then I am off for a nice little vacation where I hope to take some nice tropical photos for you!!


Monday Mayhem!

Watch out! This gal has some renewed energy!

So it is getting out to my employees that I will be leaving my Company after so many years. I can’t believe I am sad to leave my job, but at the same time I am just invigorated this morning to finish off strong.

This past weekend I dropped by one of the satellite offices near our weekend house and Mr. Rebecca decided to start snapping photos, so there I was just stripping outside of of our office buildings! I hope the security cameras didn’t catch me! Anyway, what are they going to do to me! Fire me? Ha! So my last day at my current job is Independence Day (actually the 6th) and then I get a month off before starting my new job! Wheeeeeee! The best part is that I go off to vacation this week so I only have 4 more days in the office total! My gosh, so much to do and so little time!

Hope your day is going well! Gimme a shout out! Hope all you Fathers had a great Father’s Day!!!


Who’s My Daddy?

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I’m going to keep this note short, but just wanted to stay in touch.

We went to a bunch of art fairs today and we bought some nice sepia-tone European lithographs. They will add some life to my kitchen for sure!

Anyway I definitely have a little sun-stroke as I am tired and my eyes are scratchy from allergies.

I hope all you dads out there have a nice Father’s Day. I could use a nice little Daddy, sugar…or should I say Sugardaddy tomorrow (ha-ha).




Still here at the office. Getting things all straightened out before I leave next week for a well-deserved vacation!

Hope you are all having the prospect of a nice weekend.

I’m just going to take it easy this weekend and maybe get some packing done early.

Oh yes, I told my company I am leaving and they were a little shocked. How could they be? They should know I’m impatient and that some things around here just did not move fast enough for me! I’m actually pleased now that I am leaving now that the decision is overwith! JUST DO IT!

Well I’m off get some work done and see a movie tonight!

Thursday Thinkings

Hey everyone,

It was great to catch up with a few of you on chat last night. I seem to have little time these days with my busy life, but every once in a while I just need “a good chat” with a few special friends o help me escape my everyday life.

Life is definitely too short to be boring, so I am glad that Dreamnet is around to spice things up a bit.

This week’s update is just like that. With these job interviews which in real life are truly boring, I like the chance to re-enact them in sucha a way that they would be a little spicier. There is no casting couch in my line of work that I know of.

To those few out there a couple of personal messages without naming name. You know who you are:

– Bring me back some fresh Hamachi!
– Have fun in Salt Lake and come back refreshed with a zest for life
– Enjoy your baseball games this weekend and you should defnitely pop in on your Florida friend
– Get some sleep, win those trials, and just drop me one of your legal quips.
– Happy first double Father’s day
– I think I’ll stay out of those Class 5 rapids, my friend. I’ll stay at the end and cook.

Have a good Thursday!

Wonderful Wednesday

This is better than Terrible Tuesday which just had me wishing that I had accepted my new job already. Of course I am doing what I do best. Negotiating by doing nothing. Despite how desparate I might be to leave here, I am sure they might be desparate too. My potential new boss is a cutie and I’d hate to see him squirm, but I just like to play the waiting game and see if he ups the ante and offers me more.

Speaking of more, I have my new update coming out later this afternoon. Just call them “Interview Tips from Rebecca”. A slightly larger pictorial than normal, so hopefully you will like it.

Mmmm….the summer months are here. I’m feeling frisky! Are you?


Monday Morning Mambo

Hi guys,

Feeling groovy? I am. I still haven’t decided what I am going to do about my latest job offer predicament, but I had a good time this weekend trying to figure it out. I got artistic and even weeded my garden in the rain!

I just felt like I needed to get some progress in my life. No use standing still and letting the world pass you by. I’ve always been on the mindset if you start Monday with a smile, by Friday it might not be as wide, but you still might have a smile on your face! I try not to lose that smile before Hump Day

Hmmm..any Father’s out there? What do you want for Father’s Day? Hmmmm? Do you have to be alone or would you rather spend it with someone?

Well anyway guys, I hope your week is off to a good start.


Stormy Saturdays!

What’s New my friends?!

I’ve just had my fill on Saturday morning cartoons with the kids! Nothing to do but watch the rain outside and play checkers and cars. I guess that is okay! We were supposed to go to a BBQ today but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

I think we’ll head out to the video store and get a Disney marathon of movies to watch along with lots of buttered popcorn. Oh well, just one day of sitting at home and enjoying the company of fmaily I guess. Naybe if it clears up for an hour we’ll go play miniature golf. I always liked miniature golf. I know it sounds funny, but I get real competitive playing miniature golf!

It’ll probably help me get my head clear and think about this new job offer I have. We have so many things going on in our lives right now that thinking about a new job and move is probably not the best thing, but we have to decide soon! As my friend said, “there never is a good time for anything”

Whew, I definitely need a nice relaxing resort vacation!!!


PS- I’m just curious, since I like playing this hip hop CD in my car how many of you have ever listened to the Black Eyed Peas? My eldest tells me I’m too old to listen to that kind of stuff.


Hey Guys,

Another week is done. Hope you are all ready for a great weekend to spend time with friends and family. I am definitely ready. I hit the proverbial wall a few hours ago.

Guess what?! Getting ready for the annual golf tourney again! So off to the driving range I go! Oh brother! And then we are off to Hula land in a few weeks and I get to play for real! Talk about outhouse to the mansion!

Well it has been another productive week especially since this is a slow time of year for my group. We are way ahead of plan! Of course no resting on laurels here!

Oh, it was great to catch up with some of you in the chat room yesterday eve. Hopefully my time will free up soon.