Happy Monday!

Oh my…another Monday just came and went!

Actually I spent the whole day in interviews with another company. Hmmm..might this is be it? I have no idea. It might mean a big move career-wise for me. Usually it isn’t this good to move in this economy, but I’m thinking I should do it for my career amongst other things.

So are you all back? I’m guessing many of you went away for the short week. Where did you go? I’m leaving for my vacation in a few weeks! I can’t wait for some fun, sun and showing my bum out there on the beaches!

I’d love to hear from those who went away on a really unique trip. I like to log interesting ports of call whether a quaint little restaurant in the Bible Belt or a romantic trattoria in the Piazza San Marco. It goes in my little book of places to visit.

Well, I better run to catch my train. Hope you all have a great week.