Wednesday Nooner

Hi guys,

Hump Day it is. Well I’m waiting here for my site Producer to email me and tell me site has been updated. I’m also waiting to hear if I get this new job offer! I’m pretty excited! I really think I just need a new change of scenery after 9 years at the same firm. It had been really good to me, but I have the chance to get a promotion, more responsibility and a much better lifestyle with less travel!

So my update goes up in a few hours. I really like this one and it is one of the few that I bugged my husband to show me before he sent them in. It was just so fun to do and I really did it without thinking. I think I giggled the whole time. We were so lucky nobody caught us. At one time some guy blew this huge horn in the garage that echoed and i must have jumped 10 feet in the air. I was thinking the garage attendant had some secret camera and was going to stop us on the way out and make me step out of the truck!

I hope you are all having fun this week and having a good smile at work!