I miss Thirsty Thursdays

Well, I’m thirsty.

For what you say? Well you should know! Oh yes!

Well for those of you who miss the Dreamnet chat server, it should be up soon. We hope! There are some improvements coming. I’m sure some of you are going into withdrawals! Ahem…George? Timmy? Kev? Silver?

I hope you are all doing well and at least enjoying the week. I’m disappointed with all of these electoral conventions on TV. Who wants to listen to speeches? And these people cheering for things that they don’t even understand?! I mean really?….

Okay, off my director’s horse!

So do you know what tomorrow is? I know its Friday…but what else?……..Well you shall all see! Tune back here!

Hump Day

I hope you guys enjoy my latest update. I’ve been feeling pretty sexy lately. Hmmm I wonder why. The outfit was sent by a member and I think it looks pretty good if I may say so myself. I’ve never worn latex before!

So how are you guys all doing? The dog days of summer out there? I’m still walking on air after my great party this weekend! It was a whole lot of fun and I hope to show it all to you someday soon!

Until then I hope to hear from you and any comments you all might have especially for my latest pictorial. I was going to do a sexy clip of me dancing to some music, but just so you know how serious we are about things here, the music I am dancing to is copyrighted so we have to retape it without the music and you can just play any music you want when watching it.

Take care,


Horny all week


I just can’t stand it! I am so horny! I can’t stop thinking about cock right now! I feel like I could have sex 7 days a week and still want more! Have I finally reached my sexual prime or what?!

It’s like sex has never been so good and I just don’t know what endless possibilities await.

This party I was at this weekend with so many good looking guys just has me thinking about how badly I want them. I definitely moved to a ripe place for beautiful men, that is for sure!

Now, if i can just find all my XXX rated videos in these piles of boxes…..


Sunday Morning!

Hi guys,

My first full new Sunday in my new home!

Well I’m getting adjusted. Last night we went out, christening the new babysitter, and went to a party with some new friends. Its so funny. I feel like I’m creating a new identity. I even told these new found people about my website. It was kind of like a bar meet except it wasn’t formally set up as one! I felt so sexy just telling these guys I had a site. It seemed that everyone wanted to dance!

So a big “Hey” to my new friends Willie, Jared, TC, Don and Dee. I had a lot of fun and hope to see you guys at future parties!

Well I still have some setting up to do and some shopping to get done today! Lots to do and so little time!


Happy Thursday

Well I’m basically all moved into my new home.

Its not perfect, but it will do for now. Sorry for all you new members to my site that I haven’t returned your emails yet. I just was unhooked all day and our DSL hasn’t arrived yet, so I’m doing everything via analog. I forgot how slow that is!

Well, I didn’t get to go shopping so I guess it is another night of takeout. At least I get to sit in a chair and eat off of real dishes and not paper plates!

As for all you members out there, I know I have a certain them on my site right now. Future updates will be more mixed. I just had all this material that was supposed to have been published but had to wait for all the legal paperwork first. I try to provide something for everyone as long as I have fun at it.

I hear the chat server is not up yet but Dreamnet I’m sure is working on it and it will be fixed soon.

Hump Day! and a note

Hi guys,

How is it going? Me? I have bandaids on my fingers from paper cuts opening these boxes! This unpacking stuff is no fun because I have to wash everything too! Of course I can’t decide where I want to put everything either. The problemn is if you put something someplace, it’ll be there for 10 years…spoons in the wrong drawer, blender in an awkward cabinet, etc.

Well one more night in a hotel. The children’s beds will be coming and then we can put them together and move them in!

In the meantime, I hope you guys like today’s update! Ohhh..rub that lotion a little softer!

NOTE – I’ve been told there was a problem with the Dreamnet Chat Server and it might not be up again until tomorrow. So for you chat-rats, take the night off or send me a nice email: rebecca@dreamnet.com

Monday Mood

Hi guys,

Wow, take the work out of a girl and watch her slow down. Can’t remember the last time I slept in, especially on a Monday.

Tomorrow we move into our new home officially. It had been getting remodeled for months and now we can be a complete family again in a nice home not under construction. The funny thing is that we’ve had the address for a long time now on all our documents, but all of our mail was forwarded. We felt like we were renting in our own home. All of our furniture was rental!

So tomorrow will be tough to reach me as I will be knee deep in unpacking boxes and putting things where they belong. Grrrrr. Tuesdays are never as good as Mondays!

Friday Frolics

Hi everyone!

Whew, what a nice party I had. It made me slightly sad to leave but I am happy that I left my employment in good shape. Always nice to leave with good feelings and knowing that I can always go back (not that I will).

So I leave next week permanently. Have to be out of here so they can show our home to the agents this week. Yikes! I’m glad we’ll be out of here before strangers rummage through my house! I wonder if any of my members will accidentally walk through my open house and recognize some of the places where I took photos!

Any good plans out there? Summer is half over!

I plan on an extra special video update coming in a couple weeks.


Hi everyone,

Well I was roasted at my dinner tonight for my going away party. They tried to make me feel sad for leaving. Well I was just a little sentimental.

I did get a little toasted but I had to drive home. Sorry for not logging in and answering any emails tonight, but in my condition there might be little to say!

Well it was good to catch some of you in chat earlier tonight as well as yesterday evening. It looks like we have some nice young ladies joining the site so be nice to them and make them feel welcome!

I hope you guys liked my Paradise Pictorial. Any guess as to where I was?

Happiest of Mondays!

Hi guys,

I hope you are well rested. Me, I feel like I’ve been answering emails non-stop for a week! Whew! I think I need another vacation! This life of leisure is going to be nice before I start my new job. We move in the next couple of weeks. I don’t expect to be offline more than a day or so since my husband has our new home already wired. I will be able to log in from our new home before I start the new job!

So I think you are going to get a re-incarnation of me. As I approach my one year anniversary on Dreamnet, my first new job in almost a decade and a new home, I’m going to spice things up. Just like I’ve done with my marriage, I’m going to see what I can do here to keep you guys guessing.

So as you will soon see, I am changing my haircut. While I was in Paradise, the sun and surf as well as the hot sun this summer really bleached my hair and my grays started showing. But since I am starting a new job, I figured I’d start with a new look. I’m going with a lighter brown hair color that is closer to my natural hair color. I hope you will like it!