Goodbye August!


Well it is the last day of the month. I sure hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

September should get hotter and then it is time for those dreary Winter months! I might have to take a Winter vacation somewhere.

I guess my first CD is my way of ending the summer with a bang. It is so weird to see a CD with your own face on it. I feel like I should be singing!

Anyone taking a last minute vacation this year? Did anyone go to the Olympics? Is anyone out there? Can you hear me now? Ha Ha.

So many questions! Be glad you don’t live with me because my husband often says I’m like a little kid asking a million questions about the most ridiculous things!


Super Hot Monday Surprise

How does that title grab you?!

Yes I have a new surprise coming out for all of you later today! I am really proud to have it coming. Of course those of you who have read my Yahoo Group know what it is. For those of you who haven’t, keep checking. I might have something in store for those very few first special people who respond to it!

Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It’s Monday! I hope you guys have been sucking down those vitamins and staying healthy. Summer is almost over with Labor Day coming here in the States.

Oh and those Olympics are over. Greece was so beautiful to look at. Their Mediterranan sea is so blue! Somebody take me away there now please!

Well have a great Monday everyone!


Do I have a Secret?

Hey guys,

Well if you didn’t know, I am full of surprises. So if you are a member or have been a member in the past, don’t forget to check out my Yahoo Group (remember, you can only be a member of my Yahoo Group if you have been a member of my Dreamnet club in the past).

Anyway, if you can’t stand not knowing or haven’t checked, you better go and take a look at what I have in store for all of you! I’m quite honored and proud of what is to come.

Sorry that I’ve been a little busy this week. Lots going on. I have my month end reconciliations to go through for all my clients and then I have to present reports to all of them. It is my first time with some of these new clients so I have to be very prepared and make a good impression.

have a great weekend everyone!



Hi guys,

Well I stand corrected and I guess my friend’s event isn’t exactly considered track and field (according to my husband). You mean ballroom dancing isn’t track and field? Ha ha. Anyway, my friend got through her initial qualifying round and is still in it. Good for her and her family.

I’m really enjoying watching the sporting events and the human interest stories. I’m not sure I care about who wins, but how they win.

Are you guys ready for summer to end? My kids go back to school (all of them) next week so that will be a relief so that they don’t tear apart our house.

For those of you who haven’t been following Ireland’s story, please send her an email and tell her to take her time coming back.


Happy Monday – Go for the Gold!

Hey Guys,

I hope you are all doing well! Today I have a friend going for the Gold in a track and field event this evening! I’m so excited for her! She really isn’t likely to win a medal but I have faith in her spirit and she is such a good person that I believe hard work and good karma go a long way toward success!

She wrote me a couple days ago and said it is extremely hot so all the events are happening in the evening. In fact she’s probably already done!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I wet for some nature hikes this weekend with my family. It was nice to be out in such a green wilderness with so little of the man-made world around!!

Have a great week!


Happy Friday!

Hey Gang

Well another week ends in my new paradise and I can’t wait to get out and enjoy the elongated summer. I hope all of you in Florida and the Southeast are okay and not adversely affected by the storms!

For those of you in chat with me last night, I’m sorry, but my screen froze as our building had a telephone outage and I was plugged in through an analog line to avoid going through Company servers! Kinda weird. Hope nobody was tapping my chat! Ha Ha

Well I will try and be on again next week and hopefully it will be better! Of course I will try and get on earlier in the week as well.



Well Hello There,

Hey guys, us dreamgirls are going to try and make Thursday nights, “Chat Night” so I hope to catch some of you there. I will be on the later side since we have a late meeting and have to rush home and put the kids to bed, but I hope to see you all there.

Yes, I have my first five responses from yesterday in case any of you are curious! My gift is to put the Names (aliases) of these men on my body or piece of clothing and put it on the site.

Are you guys watching the Olympics? I just watched a couple hours last night on Tivo. I sure want to go to Greece now. I hate the pollution but love the architecture!

Give me a shout boys!

Hump Day Update!

Hey guys!

My new update is up! I sure hop you enjoy this one as it is my first one in my new home! My house isn’t quite decorated yet, but we’re getting there and my home office is more of a storage closet right now with nothing on the walls and boxes everywhere!

I’m also busy trying to figure out making a CD. So I’m busy getting that together as well.

Hmmmm…..let’s see who is out there. I’m thinking of giving a special treat to the first five guys who respond to this email…….Are you out there reading this?

Ohhhh, and what do you guys think of my 2 minute clip? Do I moan loud enough? I never thought it would be used. It was so great! I can’t believe its actually being shown!

Well happy hump day!


New Job, New City…Still Monday

Hey guys,

Well I’ve been enjoying decorating my new home and also seeing the sites. It is like starting your life over.

I also LOVE my new job. There is nothing better than a job with great people and a great boss. I’m really enjoying the work too! I couldn’t be more blessed. Of course that means I don’t mind working late and that is why this post today is a little later than normal! Of course I’m trying to impress my new boss with my work ethic. You know how it goes, right?

Hey, I want you to follow the link on my website to my new friend, Madeline. She is just a mom like me who has taken a small step onto the web. Follow the link and convince her to try some more exotic photos and become a Dreamnet girl!

Friday the 13th!


Who believes in curses? not little ol’ me.

Anyone walking under ladders, opening umbrellas, crossing black cat paths or breaking mirrors today!

Ha ha.

Oh, don’t step on any cracks or break your mother’s back!

I hope you guys have a great weekend and are avoiding any storms that might be coming your way. Best wishes to all of those in Florida!