We did it- 1 year anniversary

Hi everyone,

We did it! I just hit my one year anniversary on Dreamnet and being nude on the Net! I say WE because I couldn’t have made it this long without your encouragement and great comments. This has truly ben a year of revelation and discovery for me in terms of my sexuality.

Being here on Dreamnet has helped me to re-discover my “groove”, my “mojo”, my “Je ne sais pas”. I have all of you to thank!

This has been a year of firsts, from posing nude on the net, to flashing nude in public at night, then again during the day, to having sex on camera, and then with another man, and then finally just the other night I had sex with multiple partners for the first time in my life! All I can say is if 2 is better than 1, than I better try 3,4, or 5!

Well I just thought I’d say thanks again and thank you all for coming to my big party on the Web.