Monday Coffee Break

Hey Everyone,

Hope your week has gotten off to a rip-roaring start!

Mine sure has. I have had lots of personal as well as business meetings today and I caught up on all my work and personal emails so life is good!

My poll on my Yahoo site for my costume theme ends right now every vote counts as it is a 4 way tie. If it ends in a tie, then I will pick a few costumes from each theme and we will have a vote from there.

Love you all! And have a great week.



Hi guys,

We’ve just had a big crazy week here. Lots going on at work and on the homefront. I’m really unorganized right now and when that happens, all sorts of crazy things go on! Very Wild and wacky.

WHat kinds of crazy things? Well, we rented the movie, “Mooseport” starring Ray Romano last week from We returned it last Saturday, but when I went to watch one of our porn movies on Monday, I saw it was Mooseport in the case! Someone out there was watching our porn instead of Mooseport! We thought we’d be in trouble if they trace it back t us, etc!

So quickly we jumped back online and both my husband and I ordered on separate Netflix accounts a copy of Mooseport. We knew it was a shot in the dark given how many copies are out there of this movie but we were hoping that with regional distribution that we would be lucky.

Well sure enough yesterday we got two copies of Mooseport and one of them was our porn movie. Man oh man….talking about being lucky!

Well I hope you all had a less eventful week!

Holy Temptation Tuesdays!

Hey Guys,

Sorry but Friday was just a huge and exhaustive night for me and then I spent the whole weekend in bed just daydreaming and recuperating from an incredible sexual evening. I spent all day Sunday just going through the massive pages of emails from all of you with tons of questions as well.

Of course Monday rolls around and work just took over my day and I was in one meeting after another and spent the whole day in the office until 11pm! Ah….Mondays.

So what is new? Yes, I stopped to think long enough and remember that I wanted you all to take a look at the poll on my Yahoo pages and vote for your favorite costume theme for me this year. For those of you who are new, I do already have some costumes (school girl and latex cowgirl) but if you still like that theme and if there is something in particular you want me to get, be sure to vote and vote often!

Of course you guys can always just buyt the item for me and make sure I wear what you want.

Next, I know lots of you are new. Many are asking if I do lots of fetish and other pictorials. The answer is yes! I have people asking for hose, girl/girl, feet, 3somes, facials, interracials, body fluids on certain places, outdoor, etc. The answer is that so far I have been able to do most of it but you all have to bear with me as I can’t please everyone at once! Although I like to try! For those of you who are new, you can always get my CD and see some of those pictorials from my first year.

So keep those questions coming and remember, I answer member questions first as it is the only way to keep my sanity!



Hey everyone

What a week!!! Whew! And it ain’t over! I had a little rendez-vous yesterday and then I have another one tonight! I am so horny!

What a way to start a weekend! I am so excited! I can’t wait to get this weekend started! Oh boy! Anyone else planning something similar?

Of course this week I had a major update for all of you and I hope you liked it. It sure increased my email load and I’ve been spending all week trying to catch up! Whew!!

It was good to catch up with some of you last night in chat. I hope to get back there a little more often but we are hitting some major planning cycles that are causing me to stay a little late these days. This new job is good for not having to travel too much, but at the same time, it isn’t as easy and I am responsible for a lot more headcount……no you guys know what I mean!!!

Feel free to drop me an email anytime fellas!

Yo Monday!


I love Mondays! I spent the past couple days just cleaning up my email box and am finally caught up! Whew!

I love having a clean desk so I can tackle the real dirty issues! Now can we all get a little messy?!

Oops…didn’t do so well in my fantasy pool. Looks like my ass is going to get a little kicking this year. Hey I’m just a little girl who doesn’t really follow football!

Happy Roshashanna to all my Jewish friends out there.


Oh God!

Hey fellas,

Last night I had my limits stretched literally. I went to a hotel and met with TWO hung studs. It was definitely the naughtiest, hardest sex I’ve ver had in my whole life. I was so tired I spent the morning in bed while my husband took the kids to Sunday school and the playground.

And guess what! I found out that I squirt! I never knew! They were getting all wet and stuff started spraying on me and I said, “What’s that?” and they said, “It’s you!”. I felt bad for the one guy who’s room it was. There was not a dry spot on the bed after we left!

When you see this pictorial, you guys will just go gaga for it!


Happy Friday!

Hey guys,

How are you! Sorry my days are mixed up! This whole Labor Day thing! So I showed up on Wednesday and chat wasn’t working. I was thinking it was Thursday! Duh!!!!

Can you tell my head is on a swivel these days?

Then last night I was meeting with a female friend. She is the first other woman that I’ve ever talked to that was also nude on the internet and not on Dreamnet. It was fun just to talk about normal things and to see how normal and similar we are. I’m trying to convince her to move to Dreamnet. That would be fun to have a friend on Dreamnet that I could just pick up the phone and talk to. Did I mention that her husband is gorgeous? Heh heh!

Well the football season kicked off last night. And the bets are under way!!!

Have a great weekend!

Are you ready for some football?

Hey guys,

Did any of you try and get on the chat last night? I tried but couldn’t type anything at about 10:15pm EST and there was nobody in the room so I guess you all left.

Well are you guys ready for football season. My juices are really flowing although I still no very little about it and who plays for whom. I have to look at the betting lines like my husband taught me to do in order to play on the Dreamnet pool.

Just several more hours to get your wagers in gentlemen! Don’t forget to tell me your user ID and that you want to make a side wager!!


Tip Toeing Tuesday!

Shhhh…be very quiet.

Boy, nobody is here at work. I’m so lonely! Ha ha.

I guess everyone decided to go on vacation and leave the new girl in charge! That’s okay, as i have tons of email to sift through here! I do have to thank all of you out there who are members of my site. You have done a good job of cleaning up your computers. I know that I get very few virus emails now. I used to get 40 or so a day from members with infected PCs. Now I get about 1 or 2 a week which is pretty good.

Well I just made my selections fot Dreamnet Naked Football on Poolhost and have a half a dozen side bets down! You all better hope I win, because these guys have some paying up to do if I win!

Happy Labor Day and my Football Wager

Hey everyone,

We in the States are enjoying our last 3-day weekend of the summer before our Winter months!

It is still hot where I am so I’m walking around our pool all day and jumping in the water and trying not to burn my feet on the concrete! And boy I like what you boys do with your days off! As if you guys weren’t hot already! I’ve got lots of emails to answer tonight! Yikes! A cold shower might be in store!

Now this is the kind of Monday I really love! Of course that makes Tuesday all that much sweeter. Well I am going to prep a meal as we have some friends coming over for another BBQ tonight.

Please drive safely and responsibly everyone!

And those of you who want a wager in the Dreamnet pool with me…make it now or forever hold your peace! I don’t want people saying they lost becuase they didn’t start on time. Like last year, the standing wager is that I send you a photo at the end of the season. If you win, I’ll have written in lipstick on my rear, “I suck, XXXX kicked my butt” (some small alterations can be made) and will make it part of my football SuperBowl pictorial. Now remember, in order for there to be a wager, you must get to me by Saturday with your wager of what you’ll give me if I win and must be a current member of my site!!

Remember, you must have a higher score than me at the end of the regulation (playoffs not included) season and remember that ties always go to the lady (that’s me if you haven’t forgotten). I hope those of you who beat me will give me a second chance this year.