Holy Temptation Tuesdays!

Hey Guys,

Sorry but Friday was just a huge and exhaustive night for me and then I spent the whole weekend in bed just daydreaming and recuperating from an incredible sexual evening. I spent all day Sunday just going through the massive pages of emails from all of you with tons of questions as well.

Of course Monday rolls around and work just took over my day and I was in one meeting after another and spent the whole day in the office until 11pm! Ah….Mondays.

So what is new? Yes, I stopped to think long enough and remember that I wanted you all to take a look at the poll on my Yahoo pages and vote for your favorite costume theme for me this year. For those of you who are new, I do already have some costumes (school girl and latex cowgirl) but if you still like that theme and if there is something in particular you want me to get, be sure to vote and vote often!

Of course you guys can always just buyt the item for me and make sure I wear what you want.

Next, I know lots of you are new. Many are asking if I do lots of fetish and other pictorials. The answer is yes! I have people asking for hose, girl/girl, feet, 3somes, facials, interracials, body fluids on certain places, outdoor, etc. The answer is that so far I have been able to do most of it but you all have to bear with me as I can’t please everyone at once! Although I like to try! For those of you who are new, you can always get my CD and see some of those pictorials from my first year.

So keep those questions coming and remember, I answer member questions first as it is the only way to keep my sanity!