Turkey Coma

Hope you are all doing well.

I have two more days of relative’s invasion of my home and then I will be free to come back and serve you my loyal members!!!

How was your Thanksgiving? Anything good to report? Anyone get any Christmas cards yet?

Me, just trying to make sure everyone eats the leftovers before they leave tomorrow!

PS- I made my Christmas list! How about all of you?

Happy Thursday

I hope you guys are enjoying this week’s update. I might try and update a little sooner next week because of the holidays and don’t want you to be choking on any turkey bones when you see the next great update!

Me? Hosting Turkey Day at my house for my husband’s relatives and my sister and her husband. Not a big deal. About 15 people total. It should be fun with all the people in my new home.

How about all of you? What are your plans?

Hump Day Happiness

Hey guys,

I hope you are well!

I just got my update up. Some of you wanted to know my nickname, well in this pictorial you’ll find out! Others of you asked for more of my happenings with Christina so check out part 2 video which is longer than normal. Yes, this is my weekly version of the new show, “Desparate Housewives”. Isn’t that what you really want to see on TV? Talk about real reality TV.

Not to mention the show “Swapping Wives”. That show should be renamed because it is so misleading! We all know what they want us to think, but it isn’t! Maybe I should go on the show and someone can have meas their wife for a couple days!


Bummer Monday

Hey guys,

Well for once I have a bummer Monday. Actually today is good, the weekend didn’t go as planned

I was going to have a great weekend, but things got cancelled at the last minute. Oh well, so I just met up with my friend Christina and we had a great time hanging out and taking some photos together. It is really fun to have a partner in crime on these things.

Did you all watch the AMA’s? No surprises there, although I loved the presentations and the host who is really funny.

I’ll write more. Have a great week.

The Day before

Hey guys,

Well tomorrow is my big day. I believe if I can get this person to take pictures with me, I will become more than just your random person who dabbles on the Web.

I’m nervous as this is a bigger step than I ever thought it would be for me. I mean I’ve done lots of things before, but for me this is not as nasty or crazy, but definitely more public and noticeable!!!

Well guys, wish me luck. I’ll be having fun, that is for sure!

Update Hump Day

Hey all,

My update should be going up in a couple hours. One of my members, JH, send me a Mod -retrospective dress so I thought I’d go Shagadelic for you all! I hope you are Austin Powers fans! Mike Myers is too funny.

I’ve also included a video clip. This is a collector’s item. The first time a female had ever touched me like this. Watch me and Christina literally meet for the first time!

Also, check my Yahoo group for the next survey.

Another Lovely Monday

Hey everyone!

Each new week on Dreamnet brings me even more surprises! I can’t believe it! This weekend I’m set up to meet someone special. I can’t believe this one. I just really can’t! And hopefully neither will you! I’ve got to include my girlfriend Christina in on this one as my partner in crime.

This should be fun and make my week fly by!

How about you guys? Are you planning your next weekend already on a Monday? I sure hope to show you something new this week in my update!



Hey everyone,

OMG, I am just on the loose. Mark called me to say he was at a remote office. I just called my husband to tell him where I was going and Left work for two hours and met Mark at his office and just let loose. I am so bad!

It was such a liberating experience! I can’t tell you how wonderful you have all made me feel this last year. I’ll do almost anything.

I have just about done everything that my husband expected of me, so now I guess I have to ask you all what is left? What else would you like to see me do? Any great ideas?

Sore Monday


I can only walk short distances today. I am still sore from my playing on Friday. Whew did I just go for it!

Again I want to thank my new friend Christina and her hubby for such a great time and showing me the ropes. I think I’m ready for other Dreamgirls to come my way! I’m ready for play. You know, they say things come in threes….

1. Red Sox break a drought and win the World Series

2. New England Patriots lose to the Steelers

3. I have my first gangbang and girl/girl experience in the same evening.