Til Tuesday

Just a test, how many of you remember the group by that name?

Hmmmm? “hush…..hush……..Voices Carry.”

It sure is hard to get motivated working when only 20% of the people are in the office. Of course, it is so quiet that I am getting so much work done!

For those of you who had football bets with me this year, note that the regular season is ending! Last week to catch me, so it is time to pay up! I think I’ve gotten many of you but a couple of you have ripped the panties right off of me!

Sis – Boom – Ahhhhh!

Disco Mon-Daze

Happy Slave-week to everyone out there.

That is what I call the week between Christmas and New Year’s when all of us few slaves have to work while everyone stays at home and naps.

I’ve just discovered this old disco station and I can’t stop singing the tunes on the radio. So, I’ve been in a dancing mood lately, very bouncy, and smiling all the time. Anyone have a disco ball and an ugly silk shirt?

SO just put on that old Saturday Night Fever album and dance off those holiday pounds!

Thank You ALL

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to thank you all so much for the comments on my Seinfeld pictorial. If you all have a favorite theme that might have wide appeal, I would gladly do more pictorials like this one.

In fact, please send me your ideas. I like the creativity of my members and since you guys know what you want better than me, who better to ask?!

Happy Kwanzaa/Festivus/Christmas/Hanukkah

Hope you all are enjoying the last minute shopping and holiday parties!

I’ve been running around as the new person running my office while everyone else goes on vacation. So not-so-fun but nice and quiet in the office these days.

I got my update up for this week. I was feeling a little silly so I hope this one turns you on in more ways than one. I really loved the show while it lasted so I’m happy to give my little contribution in memory of the show especially since the episodes are now coming out on DVD.

Monday Melancholy

So who is still working out there? I feel like 50% of my office is on vacation.

Favorite license plate sit-’em this morning: “my xstac”

Oh, did you all watch “Desparate Housewives” last night? Whew! That is a great show. I think all of us wives have a little dirty laundry! Of course you all get to see mine! Is anyone else out there a fan of the show?

Me personally? I’m getting lots of work done and being very productive. Hopefully I can take Thursday off for a little R&R.


7 Days til Christmas

Good Morning Sleepyheads!

Up early and went for a walk with my dog as my husband tries to squeeze out one last golf game this year! Yes, at least during the winters I am no longer a golf widow! DO you all play golf? Or are you like me and play once a year? My old company was a golf type company. My new company likes to play tennis. Could they pick a sport that I could be worse at? Next thing they will want to go snow boarding!

I just watched Oprah’s favorite things episodelast night. Hmmmm, anyone want to buy me a Burberry coat? haha. Or how about a flat screen television?

Do any of you have a flat screen television? My husband and I have been debating, but we tend to read books more than watch television.

Well, thanks again for reading this endless journal and my hum-drum daily exploits. Tonight we are off to my husband’s office party. Should be interesting as they really throw a nice big party but I’ve never met anyone there.


Whew – TGIF


I thought I’d have a light week during the holiday months but it has been busy as heck! Not to mention I finally got through my Christmas cards (both work and personal). Even harder was finally catching up on my Dreamnet email. I was behind the 8-ball on them since Thanksgiving but finally have caught up!

So here is a question for all of you. Do you access Dreamnet from work? I’ve always wondered if you all do that? I’ve always been afraid to do it because of tracking.

8 days til Christmas!



Happy Friday

Only 15 more days of shopping left!

Ughhh…property taxes were due today on our new home! Holy toledo! Maybe it will be a skimpy year for X-mas presents!

Well I hope you all had a good week and Happy Hanukkah for my Jewish friends out there celebrating the High Holiday!

Any great plans? I think it is time to brighten up the house with cheer! Should be a fun but exhausting weekend.

Oh, and thanks for the warm welcome last night from those on chat. I know it has been a while. My new job has me really busy with all of my increased responsibilities. I also have more direct reports so people are in my office all the time.

I hopefully will reign it all in pretty soon so we can spend more time together in chat.


Hump Day

My morning site of the day was this new license plate on one of those eggplant colored Chryslers: “Shag Pwr”. I had to laugh.

Definitely on a hump day.

Well I have all my Christmas cards done. How about you? Now I just have to do the Christmas shopping. I’ll probably try and do most of it in real store this year. The internet shopping bug has just not caught me this year for some reason. As someone who follows retail economic trends I just think there will be some real good bargains for thos who wait right up until just before Christmas so be patient.

Anyone watching the Billboard Music Awards tonight? I’m just curled up in bed with my laptop and watching these guys dance. They sure can move! I wish I could move like that. The men dance better than the women!

Well I hope the holiday season is treating you all well! Hopefully you’ve all been naughty and nice!