Hump Day

My morning site of the day was this new license plate on one of those eggplant colored Chryslers: “Shag Pwr”. I had to laugh.

Definitely on a hump day.

Well I have all my Christmas cards done. How about you? Now I just have to do the Christmas shopping. I’ll probably try and do most of it in real store this year. The internet shopping bug has just not caught me this year for some reason. As someone who follows retail economic trends I just think there will be some real good bargains for thos who wait right up until just before Christmas so be patient.

Anyone watching the Billboard Music Awards tonight? I’m just curled up in bed with my laptop and watching these guys dance. They sure can move! I wish I could move like that. The men dance better than the women!

Well I hope the holiday season is treating you all well! Hopefully you’ve all been naughty and nice!