7 Days til Christmas

Good Morning Sleepyheads!

Up early and went for a walk with my dog as my husband tries to squeeze out one last golf game this year! Yes, at least during the winters I am no longer a golf widow! DO you all play golf? Or are you like me and play once a year? My old company was a golf type company. My new company likes to play tennis. Could they pick a sport that I could be worse at? Next thing they will want to go snow boarding!

I just watched Oprah’s favorite things episodelast night. Hmmmm, anyone want to buy me a Burberry coat? haha. Or how about a flat screen television?

Do any of you have a flat screen television? My husband and I have been debating, but we tend to read books more than watch television.

Well, thanks again for reading this endless journal and my hum-drum daily exploits. Tonight we are off to my husband’s office party. Should be interesting as they really throw a nice big party but I’ve never met anyone there.