TGIF! – For sure!

What a week!

I am so glad this one is over! One of my clients spent 3 out of 5 days in my office holed up in our conference room. What a paing in the …

What are you going to do this weekend? Hopefully we can get a babysitter and see one or two of the Oscar nominees for best picture. I am just ready to burst. Maybe I can get my husband to go out dancing to. I’m really into this hip hop aerobics class in the morning. The techno beat just has me really dancing and gets my blood flowing in the morning.

Dreamnet is starting on my first DVD so I am also excited about that. It should be followed shortly thereafter with another DVD as I’ve been busy!


Oh is it Tuesday already?

Hey gang,

Time sure flies when you are having fun?, eh? Actually I didn’t have a very good Monday as I got a flat tire and wasted a couple hours at the tire shop trying to talk on my cell phone while all the whirring and stuff went on.

What gets me is how it can take 20 minutes to replace a tire on the side of a road. Juffy lube can give me an oil change and everything else in half an hour while I wait and these guys on TV change auto racing tires in 15 seconds, so why do I have to wait 2 hours? I think there is a market here for this. Don’t you?

I have both a hardcore pictorial and a shower video for you all tomorrow. Also Dreamnet is working on my first DVD, so I hope you like it!


MLK Monday

I assume many of you have today off. I don’t but that is okay.

Just a big thank you to all those who have brought us our civil liberties that we can enjoy and hopefully not abuse.

Are you all enjoying Dreamnet’s new forum? Let me ask, how many of you are planning to go to the Dreamnet party in April? Such a big event.

Me, I of course, like more private settings. I’m more into the 1-1 atmosphere where there are no barriers. Get my drift?

A big thanks goes out to George who showed he was not a sore loser and sent me my winnings in the football pool. My winnings will be on display in this week’s update!



I thought this week would never end. I am ready to do some more pictorials for the coming weeks.

Let’s see, what do I have coming?:

1. A special bet that I won from a friend gets me all wet!

2. Super Bowl Special

3. More Wild Party Action

4. Be My Valentine

5. My Sideline Profession

Does that “wet” your appetite? It sure does for me.

So get this. I’ve been seducing a friend and his wife to have sex with me. They have no idea about this site. Wait til he finds out my little secret! I do have a question though. If you were the one I was seducing, would you be afraid if I told you about my site? Should I tell them?

Thirsty Thursday

Whew, went out for a few drinks with the office mates to build culture. I’m back here at the office sobering up before I drive home. Definitely not in good condition to drive, but definitely good enough to do some work.

How are we all doing? Is 2005 treating us well? Is everyone contributing to the tsunami relief fund?

I hope you are all taking advantage of the new free content that comes with my membership!

Me? well I am counting down the days until Valentine’s when I can spread the love!

Happy Monday

Hi everyone,

I’d first like to say, “Cheer up. It’s Monday” to my friend out there who reads my journal every day and has told me his life has been a series of ups and downs. Actually, I do find work to be therapy for me. It is a chance to get away from the issues of home and isolate me from bills and other things. Its like a soap opera in fact. I hear other people’s issues and just do forget my own. SO work really is an ESCAPE for me.

This morning, we sat around waiting for our conference call to start. Everyone was talking about their weekend sitting around doing nothing, watching football, going to birthdays, etc. People ask me and I just say I went to some new friend’s house for a party, met lots of new people, etc. So think about it next time you ask that cute gal or guy in the office what they did this past weekend. YOU NEVER KNOW!

Well I hope you like this week’s upcoming update. I’m going to try and REV it up! I’m still waiting for you guys to guess the right answer in the Forum to my question.

My Goodness I’ve been bad.

Hi everyone,

This past week started out crazy with tons of work left over from the holidays as everyone came back with emergencies to take care of for tax season. I was so overwhlemed and couldn’t even get home in time to see the kids before my husband and the babysitter put them to bed. I was just so exhausted (or so I thought).

On Thursday night as I was packing up, Mark (my first affair) called to say he was in town and to get over to his hotel! I called my husband and told him I’d be home late! Well I met Mark and after some nice greetings, we got soe dinner. It had been a year since he introduced me to my first extramarital experience and we talked about how it had transformed me. He was quite shocked and I told him he had just opened up years of sexual angst. Some women give up their lives early by having children and then rediscover their sexuality once the kids go off to college. Some like me are too busy with work and give up their sexuality only to discover it when it is almost too late, like me. SoI owe a lot to Mark. So anyway, we went back to his hotel after dinner and just made long romantic love. Nothing like the first time we did it when we were just a bunch of flying elbows and knees!

Then on Friday I attacked my husband after finishing another long day at work! I just couldn’t help it. Mark had gotten me all revved up and I was feeling so good about myself that I had to show my husband how grateful I am for his being so open minded about my exploits as well as introducing me to life as a MILF on the web.

Then last night as we were putting the kids to bed, my Young Stud calls and asks if I’m free to go to a Swingers party with him! Of course I didn’t have a babysitter so my husband told me he’d have to stay home and I’d be on my own if I wanted to go. Of course I said sure. So I drove out and it was so liberating to walk into a room of men and my husband wasn’t even there!!! I had to get driven home and didn’t get home until 3:30am!

3 days in a row of great sex. I am so lucky!

Happy 2005 Monday!

Hey everyone,

I guess you are all back to the old grind, or shall I say “bump and grind” today! Happy First Monday of the year! I hope you all had a great holiday.

I know I was definitely busy! It is so cold and damp out, but I know it gets boring seeing me week after week confinced by four walls so I sucked it up and got naked outdoors a few times. I hope you will all enjoy the effort in the upcoming pictorials!

Yes in 2005 I will not only be working harder. I will be working better!


Happy New Year!

Hey everyone,

I just got back from skiing! What a great way to start the new year. AND I didn’t break any bones. My whole boday aches though. What a workout!

Well I am going to check in early, so I have to unpack. I have a big first week of the year ahead of me at work! Welcome to 2005! Get the year started off right and let’s make 2005 a year to never forget!