Happy Monday

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I sure did! I met up with one of the biggest stars on the internet and we had a great time together. What a professional! I’ll have to post his photo along with me on the Yahoo Group in a couple days. Can you all guess who he is?

I’m sure some of you are already fans of his.

So we had a great time going out and it was just nice to be out and having fun and he had a nice jacuzzi in his room that I definitely took advantage of!

Well I better get back to work. Mondays are so busy and full of meetings!


Saturday – Sunday

How’s everyone?

My guests are gone and my husband is taking me out today for our first night without kids since our third child was born! How’s that!? Everyone needs a life partner who looks out for the little things that make you happy! Hmmmm, wonder if he has any special surprises for me!

What do you all think?

Has anyone seen the Numa Numa dance? I thought that think was so funny. Here is the link if you haven’t seen it. I think the tune is kind of catchy!


Can any of you do the Numa Numa?

Four Eyes

Hey guys,

Happy Thursday. I hope you are enjoying my update. I’ve always debated whether to wear my glasses that I use to read at work. But my husband told me to try it and I liked it. You can probably tell I have very bad vision!

Anyway, my house guests are leaving tomorrow which will be a relief! I will have my house back to ourselves. I can’t even go out for a drink tonight.

Well it has been a real long day and my head is starting to hurt. Have a great evening.

Cramped Tuesday

What’s that line about houseguests smelling like fish after 5 days? Well that is how I am. I can’t wait to have them leave. I already have a sick parent in our additional cottage and now with our houseguests over taking up our guestroom/office we just have no room to breathe in our house! We can’t even watch our own TV shows!

Just 3 more days!

So Chinese New Years is gone, President’s Day is Gone, Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday are gone, and so is Valentines. I guess Easter is the next big deal. And for those non-religious types, it really is Memorial day which I look forward to as the official start of summer!

What are you all looking forward to?

Well back to work!

Hope you are all enjoying your week!

Happy President’s Day

Happy President’s Day to those of you in the US. Unfortunately many of us do not have the day off. At least my husband gets the day off to take care of the kids who have the week off! Since when did it become President’s Week? LOL

At least the commute to work was easy this morning. Maybe I’ll go check the President’s Day sales sometime after work. Work is a bit oof a Monday Morgue as well as I guess some people took the day off anyway. Of course my boss had an emergency crisis at the 11th hour on Friday so many of us worked all weekend for nothing. This morning has been more of the same.

Well back to work I go. Hopefully I can get it all done quickly and enjoy the holiday like all you lucky people out there!



Hey all,

Happy Friday. Oh my gosh, for those of you hooked into reality TV, things area going to get crazy. Get that TIVO ready! WIth American Idol on 3 days a week, Survivor on for another 16 weeks and the Amazing Race coming back in 2 weeks, I am going to be glued to the TV.

I liked the start to last night’s Survivor episode but I felt bad for the 2 people who never really got a chance to get started!

American Idol looks good too. They have some really soulful Latin type singers which seems really nice. One guy looks like Jon Secada.

Well I hope you all have a great weekend, especially those of you who have a 3-day weekend! Enjoy!

Thursday Updates

Hi everyone,

Just sending out a reminder that I have updated for the week. I hope you like it. I really surprised my husband with this one as he normally gets all my lingerie or knows when something is sent to me by a member, but I intercepted this one. SO when I surprised him on Valentine’s Day he thought I had gone out and bought it for him when really a member had bought it (and the shoes) for me!

They are actually very nice shoes that I can even wear to work this Spring when the ground is less slick.

Is everyone haveing a good day? Anyone taking off for the 3 day weekend? We have guests in town and my husband is taking some of them out to the mountains for some snowboarding. I’m definitely too old to learn how to do that.

I need to go get my Starbucks…Vanilla Latte with chocolate Sprinkles in case you wanted to know.


‘Til Tuesday

I hope you all had a good Valentine’s Day!

I did spend it with my special someone, but I also surprised my husband as one of my members “Larry of the North” sent me a nice little number (babydoll and shoes) to wear for my husband. My husband definitely enjoyed it!

I guess that darn groundhog was right. Winter is never going to end, is it?

Well my update comes out tomorrow afternoon and you’ll get to see if my member has good taste. I actually think all my members have good taste, so I’m quite happy with that aspect of my membership! I will be difficult to reach over the next week as I will be entertaining guests over the next week, but will try to keep up.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a terrific Weekend.

What a glorious Monday. I want to wish you and yours all a Happy Valentine’s Day. If you do have a special someone this year, please do take time to smell the roses and let them know how special they are to you. I know it is just a Hallmark holiday, but it is also a reminder to think of those special people in your life and all that they do to make it wonderful for you.

Remember your mothers and fathers too!



Thirsty Thursdays

Thanks to all those who have purchased my new DVD.

Definitely feel free to send me your comments when you get them and let me know if I can post your comments on my site. Also send me comments for improvement. It’s only our first one and it was more intended to be a home movie than anything!

And thanks for the comments on my new update. I only wish I had gotten it up before the Super Bowl. (The colors were right, but it was the wrong team) But with the heart logo on the back, it fit “sort of” in the Valentine’s theme as well.