Thursday Updates

Hi everyone,

Just sending out a reminder that I have updated for the week. I hope you like it. I really surprised my husband with this one as he normally gets all my lingerie or knows when something is sent to me by a member, but I intercepted this one. SO when I surprised him on Valentine’s Day he thought I had gone out and bought it for him when really a member had bought it (and the shoes) for me!

They are actually very nice shoes that I can even wear to work this Spring when the ground is less slick.

Is everyone haveing a good day? Anyone taking off for the 3 day weekend? We have guests in town and my husband is taking some of them out to the mountains for some snowboarding. I’m definitely too old to learn how to do that.

I need to go get my Starbucks…Vanilla Latte with chocolate Sprinkles in case you wanted to know.