Happy Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means!

Yes, another update from me! This week’s update is hot as I met my “Young Bull” who ended up being such a mature lover! I think we are both at our sexual peak! Definitely the biggest age difference I’ve ever had with a lover!

I’m also updating with the end of the bedtime story video from Ashli. Watch me read the climactic end of the story (11 minutes) as I get hot just reading it. You better turn the pages as I don’t have enough hands!

Doesn’t feel like Spring here! How about where you are?

Happy Tuesday

Hey everyone,

Sorry for not writing sooner this week I was away in Seattle for a bachelorett party for a friend. The wedding is this weekend so I am going to have to turn back around with the family and head back there Friday morning!

It was a fun weekend though although the weather was a little uncooperative. No, there was nothing crazy and definitely not something worth taking photos for Dreamnet. Everything was very tame (sorry to say that is my normal life) and no strippers. We just had a girls night out and then went out to a nice spa for a day and all sat around getting massages and sitting around in the hot tubs and sauna chatting. It was a nice relief from work though. I definitely enjoyed the massage.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Sorry that some of you are getting that extended Winter! Blecchhh!

Til Tuesday

Hey all!

Did I mention that I have 4 weddings to attend this year and I’m in 2 of them! There has got to be a rule that once you pass the age of 30 that the only wedding you can be in is your childrens! I mean I am too old for bachelorette parties and bridesmaid dresses! I guess I’m bringing this up since I just tried on a bridesmaid dress for a wedding I’m going to be in on April 2nd! My goodness, I am not into Easter colors! I feel like a big meringue. I don’t even think my prom dress had this much puff to it!

For those of you into basketball pools I am entering the march Madness pool for Dreamnet at www.poolhost.com. Having gone to one of the schools in the tournament I find it to be one of the few sports that I really do know quite a bit about. SO care to fancy a bet with me? Can you get a better score than me?

I am open to side bets. If you win, I will buy and wear the outfit of your choice from Fredericks, Playboy or Victoria’s Secret ($50 maximum) and wear it on my site in your honor. If I win, you will buy the outfit of my choice. Of course if you have a separate idea, I’m all ears!

Hurry and get those bets in. You must bet before the first game starts on Thursday!

Happy Monday

Good Morning and Happy Monday to You all!

I hope you had a great weekend! I had the first of four weddings to go to this year. It was beautiful. I know I’m a sucker for a weddings. I always cry at them. The interesting thing about this one were all the beautiful lesbian couples (4 couples). My god!!

I think my husband was going to go in shock with all the beautiful women he saw there but were not looking for men! We spent the whole evening watching the bride’s little male cousins trying to hit on these lesbians. They had no idea and kept getting shot down. It was amusing but sad!

Well the weather was great and I’m ready and energized for the week. How about you??!


Beautiful Friday

Hey guys and gals!

Oh spring is here today with 75 degree temps. I am definitely feeling great with this weather although my allergies have brought out some sniffles.

This is definitely a day for eating lunch outside and enjoying some sun on the grassy hill behind our office!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and get out and enjoy any great weather you can find this weekend!

Happy Morning!

Good Monday Morning Everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend! I just spent the whole weekend in my garden planting bulbs and getting ready for the Spring. Sorry that my journal hasn’t been as daily as I’d like it to be for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been a bit behind and I do have to get ready for Corporate Tax as well as Personal Tax season.

Sorry to bring up that nasty TAX word….especially on a Monday.

Well I better get back to work! Lots of Monday meetings. I hope everyone is well and that you all have a great week. I’ll be hearing waiting for you when you want to check in, or just drop me an email.


Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven’t “journaled” much this week as I was “on the road” for business and only able to get to my computer at nights.

Lots of things going on these days, but still having tons of fun and many things both in my personal and work life have me looking forward to lots of new adventures and new things in the coming months.

Not much planned here this weekend. I’m going to rest a bit after my big weekend last week. If you haven’t checked my Yahoo Group, I posted a photo of me having dinner with my “famous internet friend”. You can only access my group if you registered and if you register with an email that has been used to join my Dreamnet site. Those of you “in the know” will recognize him right away.

I hope you all have a great weekend.