Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I’ve been a naughty girl but you know you can put me on your naughty list as usual.  I always love those terrible gifts you give.  Do I miss not getting that sweater or diamond ring?  No.  So this year as always you can have your bad little elves send me whatever you want.  They always know how to punish me with outfits that are a little too tight or embarrassing to wear in public.  I’ll take my medicine as usual.  In case your elves do some shopping this year, here are some places to go (oh and feel free to get something for Mrs. Claus as well):

You can definitely punish me with, very uncomfortable high heels,  stripper poles, sexy shorts and skirts sets, or some nice whips and candy canes for me to suck on!  I’ll be waiting for you to show me your North Pole and will be waiting in anticipation when you cum down my dirty chimney! LOL!

As always,

Your naughty Vixen (I’ll pull on your North Pole tonight), Rebecca

Sharing is Caring (Happy Thanksgiving)

A little blue for your Blue Balls

Oh my husband caught me.  Was I a little too obvious?  I guess it was the blue tube top dress. I just couldn’t hide anything underneath.  I can’t help it if my curves give it away.  When I get a booty call, I am always about service first even if I promised my husband that we would spend a quiet night at home in front of the television.  The fortunate thing for me is that my husband knows that there are many out there who are less fortunate than we are and that it is extremely important during the holidays to give to others in need.  As he says, sharing is caring.

I know that I was out 3 nights in a row with other men already and thought I was going to have the night off, but when he called and told me he had blue balls, I just had to find a way to sneak out.  Got blue balls?  Come in and let me show you my holiday spirit!

Late night snack – Gobble Gobble!

Don’t you just hate it when you stay in other people’s homes and they go to sleep early?  We made it down to my in-law’s house and everyone is in bed by 10pm!

So my husband and I are sitting around quietly in the guest room!  No TV!  No Radio!  Just my trusty laptop sitting here!  Well, I did have about 20 minutes of fun with my hubby.  LOL!  But geez, I can’t even make much noise here!

I have to get up early and go to the grocery store so i can do some baking tomorrow and then maybe we can catch a movie on Thanksgiving eve.  Good night everyone!  Gobble Gobble!

Music Monday – Thank You!

Well it is is Monday of a short week.  I am leaving early to head down to my in-laws place in La Jolla, a nice little suburb of San Diego on Wednesday morning.  One thing I love is that I won’t have to cook anything but the desserts this year.  My in-laws are great hosts and I married into a HUGE family where the men just rule the cooking on the holidays and let the women sit back and talk or go swimming. 

This is so different from the cold winters I had growing up.  While I miss the snow and Fall leaves, I do love the great weather this year.  Anyway, this is a roundabout way of saying Thank You to everyone!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

The Sunday Football Widow

Cleveland Browns Dawg Days

Dawg Days in Cleveland

I know many of you out there are football fans (both American and European styles).  Well being from the Midwest I have always been surrounded by the madness at this time of year that is football.  Yes I root for Ohio St. although I did not go there.  Living in such close proximity to the university with family and friends who either attended or worked there.  I grew up in a family of women and today have a family of women, but the men (heads of household) are die hard Ohio St. and Cleveland Browns fans.  And die hard is putting it mild.

It is one thing to be a fanatic when your team does well which is and should forever be the case at Ohio St. , but for the plight of the Cleveland Browns fan, I think it has to be worse than being a Chicago Cubs baseball fan.

To be honest, I’m glad that I did not become a super fan and went to strictly academic schools that were not Division 1 sports crazy schools.  I have enough vested in concern in my own husband’s well-being!  Yes during football season my husband paints his face on Saturdays and on Sundays adorns floppy dog ears while planting himself in front of the television.

That brings us to today.  For me, the season is a lost cause for the Browns.  So I ran to do some errands and left my husband to scream at the TV by himself.  Yes, sitting there with no shirt and his silly floppy ears.  So silly but I love him!  Well when I left him the Browns were winning 24-3 and the smile that had been missing for so long was back.  All was good!  Daddy was going to be in a good mood for a week!

Two hours later I came home and watched the final chapter, a heartbreaking loss that never should have been.  A last play gut wrenching loss that just took the life out of my husband.  I could only imagine the 2 hours of agony and anguish that I missed as I went shopping!  My husband is still siting there with his ears on.  He looks like the sorriest puppy in the world!

Just migrating…..

Whew…finished hosting a brunch this morning of Ohio State and Michigan fans with Ohio St. beating Michigan 21-10.  now I get to sit at home and do some “Chillaxin”.  It is also my first weekend without soccer for a bit.  This is leaving me some time to catch up on my updates and make this my first official post on my new WordPress blog.  We are working on migrating over from LiveJournal to WordPress. 

Yes, you can’t just be a regular adult industry person these days.  you have to learn technology.  Fortunately my husband is able to do some of the navigating for me and allowing me to just be me.

Hopefully You’ll all enjoy my new BLOG!