Today was Cyber Monday but somehow I swam through it.  Literally my brain was awash as I sleepwalked (is that the right tense?) on only 4 hours sleep.  The long weekend had taken its toll with family to the point that I needed to see my guys and get my fix.

Saturday was too busy for one of my guys and by the time another one contacted me I was already pretty pooped from a night out with the girls and had gotten cozy in my bed, but it got me hot and thinking about how badly I needed that itch scratched. I’m not the kind of girl for a quickie but I did need it so I went out and found a cheap motel and got my fill (sort of).  Oh I wished I could have spent the night.  It was so naughty.  He even had me call my husband and talk to him as he took me from behind.  It was so nasty!

I have to admit I am shocking myself with these litle rendez-vous.  It is so not me!  Okay, off to bed for me.

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  1. By:Francesco…joyful…^_^…
    Quotation,”I think I need a vacation before Chrismas”.
    Comment,”I think…^_^?…You are right…!
    Hi…Rebecca…*Francesco* ^_^

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