Went Shopping this Weekend

Ah holiday shopping is all done.  Even did some shopping in Beverly Hills for this week’s update.  I sure hope that it goes over well.  I went shopping in some of the ritziest areas around.  Of course I didn’t spend a fortune.  I really did more window shopping than anything.

Need Matching Shoes

Need Matching Shoes

As I’ve said, I still think that we are in somewhat of a recession.  There are bargains out there but I honestly don’t believe you should even be buying something that is a good deal if you don’t need it.  In fact, I believe in “dress for less” so that is why I went bare bones this week.  I couldn’t afford a complete outfit.  That is going to make this week’s update a little bit more risque, but oh well.

I hope you come window shopping with me this week.  Well the only thing you’ll be looking at is me…so bring your check book! He He.


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  1. By:Francesco…smiley ^_^…
    Hi…Rebecca…mMm…your shoes are nice…!
    Hi…Rebecca…Great job…*Francesco*…smiley ^_^

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