Reflective of 2009

Really funny.  I’ve been in a reflective mood today.  Don’t know why, really.  I actually got so turned around that I was doing some work and preparing for tomorrow when my man reminded me that I was not working tomorrow and that I promised to take the girls out while he went to a basketball with the boys.  Boy, time out of the office and I’m really out of my element.

Anyone out there going to the AdultExpo in Vegas?  If I do, I might just fly out for a day (only an hour) and look around both there and the CES show.  I haven’t decided yet.  Obviously everyone is going to be checking out the new Android system and there aren’t as many big announcements at CES as there were last year I don’t think.  Last year I spent the morning at CES checking out a couple of new products for a competitive analyst report and then spent the afternoon wandering the floor at the Adult Entertainment Expo incognito although a couple people came up to me and said hello.  Last year I got an autograph of my favorite, Gianna Michaels.  It was funny because she said that I should do porn.  I laughed and said, “Really?” 

One of these years I’m going to have to go and spend a whole show there, but it just isn’t easy when it is right at the beginning of the year.

So anyone else going???