Help Me With A Big Decision

Should Rebecca Quit Her Day Job?

Should Rebecca Quit Her Day Job?

Yes everyone, just like a certain talk show host I think it might be my time. I mean the daily grind has really been taking it’s toll on this gal and I’ve been weighing my options. I’ve had a great run and a lot of fun making such great friends. Make no mistake, this has not been an easy decision. I know I can still do this and probably better than most of my younger counterparts, but I think this could just be the right time to go out on top! With the way the economy is, I just might be able to find something else that can take up my time! Well of course, I won’t quit without the opinion of my clients. After all, I work for them.

Wait a second, what did you think I was talking about? Are you kidding? Don’t you know who I am?! If you don’t know what I am talking about you better come into my office and have a little chat with me! I’ll set you straight!


PS – No! I’m not leaving Dreamnet!!

Out and about – Friends are the best!

Just wanted to thank my friend “M” who hosted my birthday party in December.  She’s one of my best buds in the whole world.  She’s actually a friend from college and I’m glad I can share all my secrets and she’s also good at taking some of my photos from time to time!

Gal Pals
My Partner in Crime

Women don’t often have good relationships with other women the way that men do.  I can’t say how lucky I am and I guess that is why I feel so great that I want to shout out how much she means to me!

She’s gonna make some guy so happy some day.  What I love about her is her daily calls or texts although we live 350 miles apart.  We still manage to see each other all the time.  One of the benefits of Dreamnet is we can write off the cost of her flying in to see me and take photos or me to fly to her to take photos….

Off The Vegas Strip – The Palms

Me and My Bunny

The Palms sits off the Vegas Strip and gives you great views of the whole strip and also has several night clubs in one place.  They all aren’t open every day of the week, but they are all open on the weekends.
The tower does have an elevator that takes you up to the top where you will find the only Playboy Club in the world.  That is the only club that opens at 10pm.  The rest all open at 11pm.  If you don’t get there early, the lines can get pretty long on the weekends and the doormen start to decide who gets in and who does not.  If you are female, make sure you dress to party and they will put you in VIP line and you might not have to pay at all.
 The views from the upper deck are great.  Once Moon opens at 11pm, you can take the escalator upstairs to Moon from the Playboy Club.  (at left you can see the Rio All Suites – the red and blue hotel)  The cab ride over to the Strip is $10.  I like the Palms because they also have a great theatre (The Pearl) where you can see top acts like Toby Keith, Lady Gaga and Maroon5.  Moon is a cool club as the roof opens every hour or so and cools off the heat in the club.  Some nights they will just open it up during the summer because it is so warm inside.  It is so cool to dance under the stars.
I do recommend buying a VIP table inside by the dance floor though and you will get excellent table service.  This is also a good club to see celebrities.

Hail Caesar

Caesars also has nice rooms but I like their shopping and the Pure nightclub which many call the best on the Strip.  The lines are really long here, but it is really three clubs in one.  It also gives you access to the famous PussyCat Doll Lounge!  The Forum shops and restaurants are also incomparable if you’d rather spend your money than lose it gambling!
If you are going to stay on the Strip I do recommend staying at Casesar’s Palace but try and stay in the newer towers which have floor to ceiling window rooms and good views.  The other good rooms for photography are Bellagio, Mandalay Bay and the Rio.  Paris is nice but the rooms do not have floor to ceiling windows.  Mandalay also has an adult section of beach in the summertime where you can go topless, but photography is discouraged!

Besides Moon and the Playboy Club, the Palms also has Rain and Ghost bar.  They are all awesome bars.  If you aren’t looking to do a lot of gambling, this is the best place to stay in Vegas!  Rain also has resident DJ, Paul Oakenfold who plays every Saturday night beginning at 1am..  he is one of the best DJs in the world and the fire show is amazing as well as the futuristic looking dancers!

Moon Night Club

In-Room Stripper

Room Service?

One of the things my boys like to do to me is tease me by making me do a striptease in their rooms. Usually by the time we get back to the room after a night of dancing and drinking I am so ready for it. I’ve usually already pulled my panties off and am ready to slide down their long pole and begin a long night of dancing between the sheets. But lately I’ve found that they would rather sit back and make me dance and strip for them. It is so frustrating as I’d rather just throw myself into their strong arms. What do you think? Is this any way to treat a horny lady?

Hey guys, sometime a girl wants to be romanced. Sometimes we just to be tossed down on the bed, have our legs spread, close our eyes and enjoy the ride. But if you want a little pre-sex dance, then maybe you just ought to enter the room, get a front row seat and watch my show. I’ll be sure to get your engine revved up.

Rebecca By the Numbers

Got my Number?

Yes the late night shows have their top 10 lists and we all counted down the years with our favorite lists and top 100 things such as top 100 songs or top 100 movies. Yes you know I play with numbers all day long. I’m what they call a Quant-Jock in the financial world and thus I do love to play with numbers. Well I thought I’d give you all an update on my Rebecca-style. So if you ever wanted to learn more about me, then you better check out this pictorial. I’ll have you counting the ways and you just might find out a new lucky number!

You want to turn me on? Then lots talk numbers. The bigger the numbers, the wetter I get. Come in and show me you can count to 10. I’ll get you hot with some big figures!

Eve of American Idol

Can I just say that tonight’s Bachelor was good….but American idol starts tomorrow!  I am so excited.  Can you believe this is season 9?  I was so disappointed by season 8 after its strong start.  I think Kris Allen sucks.   

American Idol

I know it will be weird not to have Paula on the show but i think Ellen will be cool!  Anyone else a big fan of the show?  If so, shoot me an email to or send me a tweet each week to @rebeccasoffice and let me know who you think should be voted off the show.

I sure hope to hear from you!  You can also just respond to this blog!

PS. – Don’t forget to vote for me in the Social Media Diva contestThe voting is at the bottom of the right hand column.

Amateur? Me? Yep.

It’s January and at this time of the year I always get the big question.

In the Adult  industry I often get asked at this time of year why I am not at the Adult Entertainment Expo.  Well I just say it like it is.  My profession is not as a porn star.  Now would I like to try it?  Sure.  But the truth of the matter is I have a pretty decent job that has its own benefits that I value very much.  I spend most of my day doing that.  It’s half my life.  Quite frankly when in Vegas this time of year, you are more likely to find me at the Consumer Electronic Show instead of the Adult Expo even though they are right next to each other.

I wish I could say that I could dedicate to my fans my whole day and I try, but that is all I can do.  Last year when I spent a day at the Adult Expo I got the chance to meet some real pros and talked to them.  it was amazing to hear what they do.  Extremely hard workers!This way to the Adult Expo

I even got to meet one of my personal favorites, Gianna Michaels.  We spoke for 20 minutes and she even looked at my own photos and gave me a kiss.  Wow!Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I think there is room for both amateurs and pros.  With the awe I felt for some of these women , I can really say they put a full effort into it.

So when someone asks me if I will be at the Adult Expo and I say, “No”, it is because it is a donference for the pros.  I have my own profession with conferences that I go to myself.  I respect anyone who is a professional in their occupation.

This also became clear when I just entered a “Social Media Divas” contest.   Contests are hard to enter because you need to keep on marketing to your audience all day.   Some of these girls spend all day on camera in the nude talking to people on their computer.  Truly amazing!  Of course I can’t do that and this contest was a perfect reminder.  This morning I was in first and this afternoon I am in 4th place. The competitor in me says to try and win it, but the realist in me says that I’m lucky to be in 4th place.  I don’t have all day to commit.  If you do want to vote for me though, please feel free to do so at .  The voting is in the bottom of the far right column through the 25th of this month.  it’s just flattering enough for me to be in this contest at all.

Greeters at the Adult Expo


My favorite: Gianna Michaels

Hungover in Vegas Update

The Morning After

Oh wow, that was some birthday party my girlfriends threw for me in Vegas!  Whoa, what happened?  It started off with five of us flying to Vegas and then going to dinner and a rock and roll concert.  And then we went back to the room, freshened up with a bottle of champagne and a birthday cake , some new clothes and then we went out to the clubs.  I’m not quite sure what happened but when I awoke in my bed this morning I couldn’t find anyone and my body felt like I had gone through an intense yoga workout.  And oh yeah, why do I feel like I had sex all night long?  Anyone know what happened? 

Well fortunately I didn’t lose a tooth and I don’t dare check the bathroom to see if there is a tiger in there.  Can anyone help me piece together what happened?  Perhaps you have or can send me some snaps if you saw me and my friends out on the Strip!  Come inside our suite and help me out.

Back to Reality and Reality TV

Yes, today was back to work and then when I came home I saw it…yes…..The Bachelor!

I like Elizabeth in red dress back row

I like Elizabeth in red dress back row

OMG!  You all know I am a reality TV junkie…Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol and the Bachelor….I hate this guy Jake.  he is so boring, but the drama in these can you not want to watch this trainwreck?!  I mean this girl Michelle!  They must tell him that he has to keep her on the show!   I mean…really!  He left some great grils off the show.  I actually liked the cute little cheerleader.  He just wants lots of drama.

And the show’s previews!  Am I sensing there is a little bisexual action that is going on!?  This is going to be so fab!

American Idol in two weeks too!  And then…there is my non-reality TV addiction…LOST!  I can’t wait!   Any other Bachelor watchers out there?   Let’s Talk!

It’s 2010! Back to Work

Financial Forecast from Rebecca’s Office:

Tomorrow is back to work day.  I’m ready and am really exited.  But I want to exercise a word of caution!

Ready to put 2009 behind us but also ready to understand how 2009 (and 2008) will make 2010 very difficult.  We all want things to change and come back to life but we can’t rush it.  I saw so much optimism the last month of the year reflective of a recovery but if you look at the 500 point improvement in the Dow Jones, you will see that they were in the industrials.

What I like to cover is the consumer and retail brands.  Why?  because they tell me what people are thinking.   Consumer beliefs are the most important to me and are going to be the true indicator of economic recovery.  It will be key to read the reports on how the Christmas season did when the 4th quarter reports come out.   What I do want to caution is what the numbers will mean.  I hope people won’t overreact when people say sales were up 12% over last year.  Why?  Because sales in 2008 were down already.  So a moderate recovery over 2008 might mean nothing espcially given the huge discounting we had this past holiday season.

Credit card companies have already sent out notices to people at the beginning of the year to notify them that they are resducing credit lines.  So watch out!  This will continue to curb spending again.  Jobs are still down significantly from 2008 and just because someone says unemployment claims are down doesn’t mean there is a recovery.  The average person taking a new job is taking it at a salary on average 8.3% lower than what they used to make.  Now of course many large ticket items such as homes and automobiles now cost on average 11%-15% less across the country.

So it is all based on moderation.  Just keep your expectations on an even keel.  Don’t expand too fast without a plan and a clear vision.  The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show starts next week in Vegas.  Usually this is a showcase of the biggest items.  I expect this year to be pretty quiet.  Mostly the Android operating system by Google will be the focus is my guess.  There will be new mobile phone models as well as Mp3 players but I don’t expect that there should be anything.  Usually analysts receive notices about parties and announcements for the show but I haven’t seen a thing.

If you don’t see good consumer reports by the end of Q1 I would just hold the status quo.  No panic, but wait for the consumer confidence to come back naturally.