Amateur? Me? Yep.

It’s January and at this time of the year I always get the big question.

In the Adult  industry I often get asked at this time of year why I am not at the Adult Entertainment Expo.  Well I just say it like it is.  My profession is not as a porn star.  Now would I like to try it?  Sure.  But the truth of the matter is I have a pretty decent job that has its own benefits that I value very much.  I spend most of my day doing that.  It’s half my life.  Quite frankly when in Vegas this time of year, you are more likely to find me at the Consumer Electronic Show instead of the Adult Expo even though they are right next to each other.

I wish I could say that I could dedicate to my fans my whole day and I try, but that is all I can do.  Last year when I spent a day at the Adult Expo I got the chance to meet some real pros and talked to them.  it was amazing to hear what they do.  Extremely hard workers!This way to the Adult Expo

I even got to meet one of my personal favorites, Gianna Michaels.  We spoke for 20 minutes and she even looked at my own photos and gave me a kiss.  Wow!Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I think there is room for both amateurs and pros.  With the awe I felt for some of these women , I can really say they put a full effort into it.

So when someone asks me if I will be at the Adult Expo and I say, “No”, it is because it is a donference for the pros.  I have my own profession with conferences that I go to myself.  I respect anyone who is a professional in their occupation.

This also became clear when I just entered a “Social Media Divas” contest.   Contests are hard to enter because you need to keep on marketing to your audience all day.   Some of these girls spend all day on camera in the nude talking to people on their computer.  Truly amazing!  Of course I can’t do that and this contest was a perfect reminder.  This morning I was in first and this afternoon I am in 4th place. The competitor in me says to try and win it, but the realist in me says that I’m lucky to be in 4th place.  I don’t have all day to commit.  If you do want to vote for me though, please feel free to do so at .  The voting is in the bottom of the far right column through the 25th of this month.  it’s just flattering enough for me to be in this contest at all.

Greeters at the Adult Expo


My favorite: Gianna Michaels

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  3. that is the great thing about u Rebecca u r an amateur. But I would love to see some of your early clips back when you were just starting

    • You can see them on my website. In the clips section you can go back to the very first ones. I’ve only been sending out clips since when I first got online.

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