Rebecca on Vacation – Gone Fishin’

Oh, you caught me! Yes, I took my Spring Break a little early and went on vacation. I even have one of those signs that I hung on my office door that said, “Gone Fishin’. I don’t take vacations very often, but this one was much needed. I don’t often sit still, but I needed a little rest and relaxation. So if you want to catch this little fish, you better have some good bait and be ready for a long battle if you want to hook me. I like to put up a struggle as you’ll appreciate me as you draw me closer. Get out that big net and lure me in with your charm! Yes, we’re going fishing!

Oh you knew you had me as soon as you whipped out that big rod and threw your line in my direction. I just couldn’t resist. Come on in and watch me wriggle and shake!

Cut it Out Rebecca – Update

Where are you going?

 Here we go again. Rebecca is sneaking out to meet one of her lovers. Her husband knows it is only natural. It’s just that sometimes he’d like to have a kiss before she goes. Heck, why does she always feel like she has to sneak out? It’s not like her husband doesn’t know what she is doing. Well the truth is that when her lovers give her something to wear she puts it on for them and goes out to show them how she looks. They want to be the first to see her in the outfits they buy for her. Well that makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean if you buy your girl a new dress, shouldn’t she be wearing it only for you?

Well Rebecca got a pretty unique gift this time. No wonder she was sneaking out without telling her husband. We don’t think she’ll be wearing this out and about too much. You have to come inside to see this.

The Winter Olympics

I just have to say they are so beautiful.  If I were Canadian I would be so proud of my country.  It’s beauty, it’s people, it’s culture, and it’ place in the world really make it a special place.

Just watching the promotional videos makes me wish I was there.  I am definitely going to visit after the Olympics are over. 

I am looking forward most to the speed skating, Ice dancing, and skiing events.  I’m still not sure who created that biathalon event of shooting and skiing.  Just such an odd combination!  You’d think they’s add bow and arrows too!  Of course that curling thing cracks me up.  Maybe I’ll start trying out for that.  I’m pretty good with the broom!

Peace, Love and Rebecca – Happy Valentine’s

Kiss Me or Eat Me

Happy Valentine’s to all my lovers out there!  Valentine’s Day isn’t just about one on one love, it is about sharing the love and the peace with everyone.  I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a “Love Child”.  As a product of love from the 60’s maybe spreading the love really is my calling.  So maybe I’m old school when it comes to love.  Many of you don’t know what love is. Let me show you.  And if showing isn’t believing, maybe I’ll just have to tell you what love is…..because it just isn’t a box of chocolates.

What does Rebecca want for Valentine’s?  What would you like to get me?  A fancy meal?  Chocolates? Flowers? Jewelry? Not me…if you want to know what it takes to get inside my heart, then come on in and find out.

Rebecca’s Confessional Video


This is all he gets

This is all he gets


So what does it mean to be married to Rebecca? Wow, we really never knew but now that we do, maybe being married to Rebecca might not be a good thing. Perhaps working for her is better. Take a gander at this video as Rebecca confesses her love for her lovers and tells us where her husband stands in her sex life. Watch this special 10 minute member’s only video clip as Rebecca confesses to her husband what she thinks about her lovers and how he stacks up in her love life. Poor guy. Well at least we can say that Rebecca sure knows how to keep it clean without spilling a drop.

So guys, do you think you could be my husband? Could you live with this situation? If you do, then prove it by watching this video clip and letting me know if it turned you on.