Cut it Out Rebecca – Update

Where are you going?

 Here we go again. Rebecca is sneaking out to meet one of her lovers. Her husband knows it is only natural. It’s just that sometimes he’d like to have a kiss before she goes. Heck, why does she always feel like she has to sneak out? It’s not like her husband doesn’t know what she is doing. Well the truth is that when her lovers give her something to wear she puts it on for them and goes out to show them how she looks. They want to be the first to see her in the outfits they buy for her. Well that makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean if you buy your girl a new dress, shouldn’t she be wearing it only for you?

Well Rebecca got a pretty unique gift this time. No wonder she was sneaking out without telling her husband. We don’t think she’ll be wearing this out and about too much. You have to come inside to see this.