Rebecca’s Easter Egg Hunt

Anyone who knows me knows that I love, love, love to play games.  Maybe it is the competitive part of me or maybe it is just that I am always in for a little fun and games.  I was never all about the bunny rabbits and egg painting as a kid. That always bored me to death.  All the bonnets and bows just weren’t me.  Now hide a bunch of eggs and candy around the garden and I get excited.   Well this week I have a little game for you.  In fact I think I might have to reward the person who can tell me when they’ve found the hidden egg in this pictorial.

So do you like a good Easter Egg hunt?  If you do then I want you to look for that little egg and tell me where you found it.  Are you in or are you a little marshmallow peep? Are you ready to fill your Easter basket?  Ready, set, Go!……

Reality TV – Handicapping American Idol Top 10

So are you watching this 9th season?  Every year I say I’m not going to watch but I get dragged back in.  My opinion on who will win?  Well here is my handicapping in order of which I think they will finish:

Siobhan Magnus – She’s this really geeky different girl with a big voice.  I think people will fall in love with her and really grow with her.  She’s unconventional but I think people will vote her to the top in the end.

Aaron Kelly:  He’s got the American Idol formula. Young fresh faced boy with a winning smile and aw-shucks attitude will have legions of teenage girls voting for him.  Think male version of “Taylor Swift”.  Girls will want him to go to the prom.

Crystal Bowersox: Old school Janis Joplin-like singer.  I like her sound, but she could get boring if she can’t change it up.  Once again another singer with little appeal to the breoader general public.  She also needs to get rid of the “I’m bored and too cool to be here attitude”

Michael Lynche: He has the big teddy bear feel just like Rubin Studdard did.  He does need to develop an edge and have what Simon Cowell calls: “Your moment”.  He’s a nice story, but not good enough in my book. 

Andrew Garcia:  An early favorite for me, he is starting to wear out his welcome after an initial great rendition of Paula Abdul’s “Straight up”.  He has a great following on YouTube and if he pulls out another good number, he will stay a while.  He has a strong fan base from the Phillipino community (they love karaoke) and should stick around a bit.

Katie Stephens: Reminds us of Katherine McPhee.  The problem is this girl is grown up and so stiff beyond her years coming from an upper class type upbringing.  She’s good but pitchy and people don’t relate to her.

Lee DeWyze : Raspy sound in the vein of David Cook and Daughtry.  Just not the same talent and a real sleepy personality.

Didi Benami – Cute girl, but she hasn’t stood out at all.  I would say she is probably the most unknown person of the season.  Peole just don’t know who she is.  Guys who vote on beauty will vote for her.  Young girls who like pretty role models will also vote for her.

Tim Urban sang to his admiring fans in the audience.

Tim Urban: Boring and young with a capital B.  This kid is just getting his votes because little girls love his Zac Efron-esque hair.  If I was 17 I’d throw this kid in the square awkward pile.  He wasn’t originally supposed to be on the show and now it’s his time to go.

Rebecca and the Papparazzi

This week I have something a little different for all of you. Me, behind the scenes in real life. As you all know, I value my private life. One of the things I never anticipated when getting onto Dreamnet was losing my privacy, but while on vacation, the paparazzi were abound taking the most unflattering photos of me. The photos were unauthorized and they were threatening to blackmail me when I was on vacation. My down time was invaded and they threatened to ruin my life with the scandalous photos of me at my worst just lounging around at my worst! Finally I confronted them and told them that I needed them to stop harassing me. They finally agreed to hand over the photos if I brought them back to my room and gave them a few topless photos. I in turn agreed to post these photos here. Because there aren’t many naked photos of me I am also sharing with you a 14 minute hard core video: “Caught on Nanny Cam”, so be sure to check it out to get your weekly take of my naked body in my video clip section. It’s one of the more raw videos I’ve ever done.

Yes, fame has its problems. You lose all your privacy and you can’t even escape for a little alone time for a little rest and relaxation. Come on in to see how these guys wouldn’t leave me alone.

It’s March Madness! Enter Rebecca’s Office Pool

Rebecca’s Office Pool is open.

Get in on the excitement of this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Compete against other fans as you fill out a bracket and earn points for every correct pick! Come out on top and you could win $10,000. Get a group together and earn plenty of bragging rights amongst your friends by winning it all. If you are a past member or current member of my office and win this pool I will give you two months free membership to my website.

Get in the action now:

Group: Rebecca’s Office Pool

Working Hard and Playing Harder

Ah, you caught me! What am I doing here downtown on a weekend? Well I needed to finish up a report and I wanted to get it done before Monday. Yes I am a bit of a workaholic! In fact if you want to keep up with me, this is probably the best way to do it. I find that a man with a strong work ethic to be extremely attractive. You know how they say that a man with a big shoe size is likely to be well-endowed? Well I have a theory that the same goes for a man who works real hard. Show me a man who works a 60+ hour work week and I’ll show you a man with a nice tool belt!

Want to come join me for a little overtime? It might just be worth the extra overtime pay! I might even give you a bonus. It isn’t a signing bonus but is performance based. Come into my office and I’ll tell you more.

What to Wear when Swinging!

Normally when I attend a lifestyle party I try not to be too flashy, but heck, this is a Vegas party. Everybody is going to be gorgeously sexy! As my husband says, “When in Vegas, go hard or go home!” So want to see what I wore to the party? Check it out. Yes, this is a pre-swinger party preview! So when you are in “the lifestyle” you’d think life would be easy! Not so. There is always the question of what to wear. You have to have a change of clothes. You also have to be able to show up and wear something that won’t call attention to yourself. Also, it is tougher when you are attending an event at a location that you never have been to. I’m actually a bit nervous. We have never been to a swinger party in Vegas. There is so much tension in the air. My husband was so frustrated with my trying on all four before we left. I brought four outfits but thought you’d like to at least see the one I chose to wear.

Normally when I attend a lifestyle party I try not to be too flashy, but heck, this is a Vegas party. Everybody is going to be gorgeously sexy! As my husband says, “When in Vegas, go hard or go home!” So want to see what I wore to the party? Check it out. Yes, this is a pre-swinger party preview!

Sunday toes in the sand

Beach toes

Hey there foot fetish fans.  You know, sometimes there are feelings that you just can’t describe and one of them is just digging your toes in the sand.  The coolness and the fact that sand is so much aligned with the idea of a vacation makes the topic so refreshing.

Toes by the water

For me it just means that I don’t have to squeeze my toes into some shoes and heels that seem so unnatural.  It also means that I’m up off of my feet.  Of course we know that the best part about taking my feet off the ground is raising them above my head while laying on my back with about 200 pounds of sweaty beefcake on top of me!

Toes by the pool

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

My Aloha Spirit

With all the crappy weather out there I think we should warm it up. Don’t you?

Hey there, or should I say, Aloha? I think if you asked most people in the United States, they’d tell you that the place that they’d most like to retire would be Hawaii. Well, let’s just say one thing. Hawaii is a way of life and if you want to live there, you need to learn a little bit about the people and the language. It isn’t just about volcanoes, luaus, hula skirts and catching the perfect wave. Well, maybe it is a little bit about that, but you can’t enjoy it unless you adopt that aloha spirit first. So take off your clothes, work on that full body tan and sink your toes in the sand.

Want to look up my grass skirt? Want to see this wahine in her bikini? Well let me tell you a little about the 50th state in our union! Come in and join my luau. I promise you’ll get to see me sway my hips!