Rebecca and the Papparazzi

This week I have something a little different for all of you. Me, behind the scenes in real life. As you all know, I value my private life. One of the things I never anticipated when getting onto Dreamnet was losing my privacy, but while on vacation, the paparazzi were abound taking the most unflattering photos of me. The photos were unauthorized and they were threatening to blackmail me when I was on vacation. My down time was invaded and they threatened to ruin my life with the scandalous photos of me at my worst just lounging around at my worst! Finally I confronted them and told them that I needed them to stop harassing me. They finally agreed to hand over the photos if I brought them back to my room and gave them a few topless photos. I in turn agreed to post these photos here. Because there aren’t many naked photos of me I am also sharing with you a 14 minute hard core video: “Caught on Nanny Cam”, so be sure to check it out to get your weekly take of my naked body in my video clip section. It’s one of the more raw videos I’ve ever done.

Yes, fame has its problems. You lose all your privacy and you can’t even escape for a little alone time for a little rest and relaxation. Come on in to see how these guys wouldn’t leave me alone.