Rebecca’s Easter Egg Hunt

Anyone who knows me knows that I love, love, love to play games.  Maybe it is the competitive part of me or maybe it is just that I am always in for a little fun and games.  I was never all about the bunny rabbits and egg painting as a kid. That always bored me to death.  All the bonnets and bows just weren’t me.  Now hide a bunch of eggs and candy around the garden and I get excited.   Well this week I have a little game for you.  In fact I think I might have to reward the person who can tell me when they’ve found the hidden egg in this pictorial.

So do you like a good Easter Egg hunt?  If you do then I want you to look for that little egg and tell me where you found it.  Are you in or are you a little marshmallow peep? Are you ready to fill your Easter basket?  Ready, set, Go!……

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