Rebecca’s Basketball Playoff Predictions

We all know who the “King” is of basketball is these days. And we all know that behind every king is an equally powerful queen. So with the playoffs under way shall we have that debate? In fact, being from Ohio, you know who I am rooting for this year. We know who the real MVP is. And I would make a pretty good queen to crown him! Now the question is who do you think will be the team that they will demolish? I have an idea. I’ll give you a hint. I’m wearing their cheerleader uniform in this pictorial. It’s probably not who you think it is. You know what they say about the professional basketball playoffs. It’s where ‘Mazin’ Happens…(or something like that)..well that is what happens in my office too!

Do you like basketball? Well come on in to my indoor court and let me show you a few tips about this year’s basketball playoffs. I’ll help give you tips on who I think will win it all. Well you know that already so I will tell you who they will beat to get that elusive trophy! Come on in! It’s a Slam Dunk!

Rebecca’s Indecent Vegas Proposal

I know many of you think that movie was a bunch of terrible fiction and that nobody would offer $1 million to sleep with a person’s wide.  I think the question was really put out there to ask couples if there really was a price. Well this weekend I am going to spend a night in Vegas without my husband.  I am driving out to Vegas to spend the night with a lover.  A fancy dinner, a show and then the coup de gras.  My husband is being left at home to contemplate what is happening with me several hundred miles away.  Just like the movie, my lover even sent me a dress and some shoes to wear.  Oh my I think it is a bit short.

One other rule he told me is that I am not to bring any underwear!  I might have to wear a skirt with this outfit.  It isn’t very long!  So could you do this?  Would you let your wife / partner go away with a lover to another city?  If so, is there a price?  Come in and see mine!

Rebecca is the Undercover boss

Yes, some say that those of us who live in the glass tower with our fancy MBAs are out of touch with those in the trenches. Well, in this economy I thought it would be good to go back to work with our brokers on the trading floor. Sitting in a cubicle and drinking bad cafeteria coffee and even answering my own phone! LOL! The big question is how do I disguise myself? If I come to work in my business suits looking like a hot librarian everyone will recognize me. A fake moustache and sideburns won’t work either. I think I’m going to have to dress a little bit more like the office slut. (40 new photos)

I think I have the right outfit that will disguise me and allow me to go to work under cover. I really want to see if I can fool them. In fact, why don’t you come in and see if my wardrobe hides my true identity. Your undercover boss is uncovered!

Rebecca is drugged

Did someone slip an aphrodisiac in Rebecca’s dinner? We went out for a nice romantic dinner at a luau and suddenly Rebecca can’t keep her clothes on. We need to get her back to the hotel room before she gets us in trouble and has us thrown out of this tropical paradise. They will not take kindly to their guests running through the halls without their clothes on. Unfortunately we are on the whole other side of the resort and we have to walk by every hotel room in this open air resort just to get to our room. Did we mention Rebecca had way too much to drink? This gal can’t hold her liquor. Or did we mean that Rebecca can only hold her licker by the ears?

We don’t know what happened, but we need to figure out what it was that Rebecca ate or drank and make sure we give her more! There’s nothing like a woman who can’t keep her clothes on! LOL! You gotta watch us try and get Rebecca back to her room before she has some indecent exposure!